Mataram religious exploration

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Learn all about Sasak Islam and get to know the people behind the religion

Let us take you around in Lombok’s capital Mataram to show you all about Sasak Islam. We will pick you up from your hotel with a traditional bemo and head to pasar (market) Kebon Roek where you can soak up the hustle and bustle of this local market. After this, continue to Ampenan, the historical part of Mataram.

Here we visit Pondok Perasi, a Muslim neighborhood next to the sea where we meet with some people who have been living of the sea for most of their lives. Take a short break in one of the little warungs (little restaurants) before we continue to the Islamic graveyard of Loang Baloq.

Nowadays, rather known as a spiritual gathering place for families who want to share a meal. Have a chat with the locals before we head to the Madrasah (Islamic community center) to get an introduction to Sasak Islam. Here you learn all about daily prayers, Ramadan, Lebaran and what it means to be Sasak Muslim.

We finish at the home of Pak Badri Nursaid and his wife Ibu Datu Widawati. Sit back, relax and let the family explain you all about traditional weddings, music, dress and dance. Enjoy a delicious home cooked meal to round up the whole experience.

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