Private Island experience in Northern Flores

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Not far from Riung, a region of northern Flores, are the islands of Pulau Tujuh Belas, also known as ‘seventeen islands’ – an archipelago of deserted atolls fringed with white-sand beaches and tropical scenery.

A region well-known for its beauty and stunning marine life, it is also famed for thousands of fruit bats, which you can observe close up on the island of Pulau Ontoloe. On this boat adventure you will relish the chance to snorkel in the shallow turquoise waters between the islands and discover the marine underworld of colourful fish species. For lunch you then have the opportunity to relax on a deserted island and enjoy a fish barbecue and fresh coconut juice prepared by one of our cooks – a heavenly way to relax and enjoy the amazing tropical scenery!

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