The Famed Royal Cuisine of Bagan

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Narathihapate, the last king of Bagan, had a gluttonous appetite – demanding a variety of at least 300 dishes each time he held a banquet! Meet our guide at your hotel for a culinary journey into the Dry Zone to discover its cuisine – handed down over generations from the reign of Narathihapate. First you visit Myinkaba village market where you will learn about the different types of herbs and vegetables used in Burmese food. Then you will go to see a number of cottage industries where products like tamarind paste, local sweets and other foodstuffs are prepared, before heading to Mingalazedi Pagoda, a stupa built by the last king, just before the Bagan Kingdom was invaded by Mongols. A local monastery will then infuse you with the whole spectrum of Burmese tastes from sweet to bitter. Our expedition ends with a banquet lunch of sweet and savory dishes fit for a king, but instead of 300, you have 30 different dishes to try!

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