Traveling slowly from the island of the gods to the island of the 1000 mosques

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The strength of Khiri Indonesia is its many branch offices throughout the country. This way, we ensure ourselves and our valued agents of the best possible ‘on-the-ground” expertise from staff who live at those destinations. Additionally,  that frequent travel to these offices is necessary to stay on top of local operations. Covid has dramatically impacted this due to travel restrictions, amongst others. A renewed awareness of the sustainable impact of all these flights is also efficient and polluting. So I decided to make a long-overdue visit from my office in Bali to our Lombok office by traveling “slow” with my motorbike and the local “slow” ferry.

Lombok and Bali are neighboring islands but very different in culture. Bali is a primarily Hindu island and dubbed the “Island of the gods” Lombok is predominantly Muslim and called the “Island of the 1000 mosques”. Beautiful landscape, heavenly beaches, climactic volcanoes, temples, and genuine people, there’s much to appreciate.

My journey started from my home in the south of Jimbaran to the city port, Padang-Bai, in  East of Bali. It is a well-known area but fantastic to drive through because of all the ceremonies happening during the upcoming holy day of “Nyepi.” And the significant big ceremony was going on at Pura Goa Lawah, or the bat cave temple is facing Penida island where the evil spirits live. After a brief visit, I moved on the Padang-Bai and boarded the ferry with ease after showing my Covid-antigen test. I nestled myself with a book with enough space to sit comfortably and enjoyed myself with a book while watching mighty mount Agung leisurely passing by. It rained a bit on the way and enabled me to spot items in the landscape that I didn’t see before, such as a beautiful water temple in the harbor of Lembar, clouded in the rain.


Arriving in the port of Lembar, I immediately left the main road and cruised at a slow pace through the rural countryside dotted with colorful mosques and watching the harvest season in full swing.

Arriving in the Lombok office fully inspired by what these both islands have to offer, we reconnected. Of course, we talked a lot about business, but there was also enough time for leisure and shopping for souvenirs and food. Bebek sambal matah, mie goreng, soto ayam and (on request of the staff) a lot of chocolate.

It was great to be in the Lombok office again and shrugging off the daily doom and gloom of Covid. Traveling slow gave me the time to reflect again and get re-energized while doing what I love most, creating new experiences!


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