Update on Myanmar Situation

March 30, 2021 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under:

Khiri Travel Myanmar staff report that they are so far safe and well. We have been in daily contact with them and are helping them stay online. We are continuously observing the current situation. Our team’s safety and well-being, and that of our suppliers, is the highest priority for us.

Many Myanmar families have lost loved ones. And like many crises in the past, the poor and ethnic minorities are being hit disproportionately hard. The COVID crisis has ravaged Myanmar’s economy. Tourism came to a complete stand-still. Many things have gone wrong at once for the embattled people of Myanmar.

To give practical help, Khiri Travel, our families, and friends have started an initiative to support people suffering from the disruption of regional transport and the collapse of markets in cities. Farmers are having difficulties selling their produce at local markets. Our team has started collecting donations to buy and transport vegetables and fruit from the Shan state in response. All profits will be sent back to farmers directly. Simple actions, such as buying locally or at the source, can have a massive impact on Myanmar’s farmers.

We have built strong relationships through our operations, local partnerships, and products and created local jobs since opening in Myanmar in 2011. Khiri Travel will continue to work with local businesses, foster our relationships with local communities, and collaborate with like-minded organizations. Khiri Travel stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

Khiri Travel has a responsibility towards our employees and tour guides and all the incredible people we met and worked with in the past ten years. We will continue to promote responsible tourism, benefitting people and the planet. We are committed to upholding human rights and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Khiri Travel is proud of the patriotic, courageous, and collective strength of the people of Myanmar to overcome this challenging situation.

We are looking forward to welcoming our guests back to this incredible country whenever the situation allows

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