BBC America

The BBC’s most popular show, Top Gear, wowed millions of viewers with its two-part special on Myanmar (Burma). Tasked with driving up through Shan State, they chose Asia Film Fixers and Khiri Travel to get the job done.

The Times

Cambodia is the southeast Asia of our dreams. Like its neighbours, Vietnam and Thailand, it has palm-shaded beaches, Buddhist pagodas, glittering palaces and forests teeming with wildlife, but they…

CNN Travel

Lying on the banks of the Song River, Vang Vieng has evolved in the last 15 years from a rural community to a hedonistic party capital, and more recently to the country’s hub for adventure travel.


While Bali and Java remain popular, Khiri Travel Indonesia’s new office in Sulawesi will cater to the increased interest of repeat visitors in outlying destinations, such as Flores, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.