Sustainable Tourism

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Approach

At Khiri Travel we are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner. According to a recent WTTC study, the Travel and Tourism industry directly employs 65 million people across Asia, more than any other sector. There is the opportunity to do a lot of good. Khiri Travel aims to maximize the positive effects that tourism can have on individuals and local communities, while minimizing the negative social, environmental and economic impacts.

In 1960 the world’s population was 3 billion people. Now we’re at well over 7 billion and on the way to 10 billion in 2050. Sustainability is no longer a luxury, but a must-do so we leave a world that is livable for our children.

Responsible travel practices are at the core of our product development and operations. We also have made a firm commitment towards social and environmental sustainability of our business.

In practical terms, Khiri Travel ventures adhere at a minimum to the following principals in the field and in its offices. This is a work in progress. If you have suggestions on where we can improve, please do let us know!

In our offices

We aim to make our offices inspiring, healthy and safe work environments. As part of our commitment to sustainability you will find that in Khiri Travel offices:

– We are working towards reducing waste and managing it in a responsible way.

  • – Where possible, we use recycled materials.
  • – We use local products where we can and buy in bulk to reduce packaging.
  • – We measure our energy use and look for ways to reduce it.

  • – We limit our printed materials and encourage our clients to use our web sources as their primary source of information.
  • – We value our employees and are committed to a clear policy that safeguards and advances their wellbeing.
  • – We share best practices and raise awareness for social and environmental concerns and encourage staff to engage with these problems.

In the field

Our business is providing amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our guests. This happens throughout eight countries, from remote mountain areas, to large cities, national parks and at tourist attractions. In this vast environment you will find that Khiri Travel: Prefers to use local hotels, lodges, restaurants, handicraft outlets, and arts and culture centers to best serve our clients. Is consistently looking for creative ways to integrate social enterprises into our programs, allowing fringe communities to benefit from the tourist dollar.

  • Takes responsibility for our supply chain, by educating and supporting our suppliers to greater sustainability. Is regularly assessing its supply

    chain to ensure that activities offered do not have adverse effects on the environment or society, especially sensitive activities that may bring travelers into contact with animals, children or remote communities. In addition, Khiri employs and trains local guides and educates them on issues relating to Responsible Tourism. Khiri Travel also understands that the destinations we operate in are important to not only our travelers, but also to the locals that call them home.

  • We aim to preserve the destinations we work in for future generations. Asia, where environmental and social challenges go hand-in-hand with

    amazing opportunities for conservation and economic advancement, is our stage of business. We put our clients and guests at the core of our business. Khiri Travel aims not only to provide outstanding service but also to educate travelers, so they are able to make more informed decisions during their stay.