Do’s & Don’ts in Myanmar

In early 2012, when Myanmar showed its tremendous potential as an emerging tourist destination, different government organizations got together to discuss ways to minimize the negative impact that tourism-unfortunately- can have on a country’s culture, environment and society. The Responsible Tourism Policy soon after emerged, listing priorities, roles and responsibilities for both the public and private sectors.

One of the first action points was to develop a code of conduct for international visitors. It’s goal was to prepare and distribute guidelines for visiting tourists on Myanmar culture, environment and society. A proposal for a booklet was prepared by Dr. Andrea Valentin, Founder & Director of Tourism Transparency, an NGO that campaigns for an open an daccountable tourism industry in Myanmar, and given to the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism by the Hanns Siedel Foundation. The proposal was accepted and the booklet Do’s & Don’ts For Tourists launched in October 2012.

Khiri Travel is a committed partner of the project and was actively involved in the creation process of the booklet by giving interviews, attending focus groups and sponsoring during the first round of sponsorhip. We distribute copies of the booklet to visitors arriving in Myanmar.


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