Village Visits

Village visits, especially if done regularly, can have a significant impact on the culture of the communities visited, both positive and negative. As a responsible travel company, Khiri Travel feels obligated to ensure that we minimize the negative impacts of our visits and maximize the positive.

Village Visits in South East Asia

All of our guides got experience in village visits, many of them grew up in the villages and everyone has her/his own way to do them. Therefore, Khiri Travel has created the guidelines below, which are crucial to keep villagers happy, protect their culture and make sure that they profit from such visits both in the short and long term.

Main Guidelines

  • Do villagers welcome travelers? (If yes when is a good time for visit)
  • Be friendly and use proper names for villages and tribes
  • Is somebody willing to show groups around and their house?
  • Would somebody demonstrate any craft production and show their traditional dresses?
  • What are the options for supporting the village?
  • Learn about the way of life and culture of villages and collect stories to tell the travelers
  • Always act very respectful to the villagers and make sure the travelers do too – this is their home!
  • Remember that most travelers find small villages very exotic and want to know as much about the daily life there as possible.
  • It is very important to have a good relation to the villagers
  • Buying drinks, food and crafts made by villagers and pay a fair price for these services
  • Villages, which can’t be supported by our visits in ANY form, should simply not be visited

Information for the travelers

  • General information about the tribes
  • How to take pictures respectfully
  • Information about how to act appropriately in villages, removing shoes before entering houses, not standing over someone, how to greet, how to dress and so on
  • Do not litter or damage in any way
  • How to support the villagers and the importance of it

At Khiri Travel we want to be sure that our guidelines are being implemented by all our guides. This is very important for us and we do regular surveys with clients and villagers to make sure those guidelines are conducted.

If the village visit harms the local community, we shouldn’t be going, therefore all village visits should be thought out, planned and organized to ensure the village benefits as well as the travelers.

This is a fair part of sustainable tourism which we all need to adapt and are responsible for.