First Capital City of the Kingdom of Siam

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Thailand has a number of impressive historical landmarks that have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, among them, the stunning 13th and 14th century ruins at Sukhothai Historical Park.

Ayutthaya’s Baan Hollanda and History of Dutch-Siamese Trade

For your visitors to Ayutthaya, the place to begin exploring this UNESCO Heritage Site is the interactive exhibits at Baan Hollanda, a replica of the former Dutch trading office.

Sala Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya, Thailand

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Guest rooms of this luxury boutique hotel each have incredible views of the river, and the beauty of a riverside temple illuminated for superb views at night.

Looking for Real Thainess at the Museum of Siam

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Located not far from Wat Po in a large neo classical building, the exhibition starts with a short, almost surrealist, movie presentation based around the central question ‘What is Thai? Combining a visit to the Grand Palace, Wat Prakeow and Wat Po with the Museum of Siam is an excellent option for FITs and groups as the museum is located nearby and shows a very different Thailand.

Khiri Takes Agents Into the Thai Heartland

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It’s an unmatched opportunity for travel agents to touch the cultural and historical evolution of a nation… Khiri Travel is offering a seven-day travel agent familiarization trip that explores the evolution of Thai civilization. The “Into the Thai Heartland” trip will bring to life the historic cultural power centres of Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Nakhon Sawan, Kampheng […]