Vietnam’s Breathtaking Beauty: Halong Bay and Son Doong Cave

June 11, 2015 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Authentic Experiences, News, Vietnam

For agents who want to learn about what their guests can do in Vietnam; here’s our ultimate tour to experience the panoramic beauty of Halong Bay’s emerald green waters and rugged limestone mountains plus a journey to central Vietnam’s newly discovered Son Doong Cave.

Join the Party of June Hotels

We have a new list of hotel recommendations in the region! What about the private beach luxury of Da Nang or the classy colonial of Colombo hotels, hillside cabins in Cambodia, or a cozy beach resort on Koh Samui. Compare the airy and artsy in Indonesia with staying at the Lao traditional in Luang Prabang. Last but not least, check out the magnificently restored accommodation landmark in Yangon.

Birds Eye View Over Northern Laos

Traveling around northern Laos is always an exceptional experience. However, doing so by helicopter literally and figuratively lifts the journey to the next level! While we explore on the ground, ancient artifacts of mysterious origin reveal.

Insider Tip – The Gains of Green Season Travel in Laos

June 4, 2015 by | Filed Under: Laos, News, Our People, Regional News

Chris, Country Manager in Laos, emphasizes the benefits of traveling in Southeast Asia during the rainy (green) season. Aside from the cooler climate, there’s even bigger advantages says Chris. Could this even be the best time to visit Laos?

Best of the Best in Bali Wellness Spa Resorts

This wellness spa resort on the Indonesian Island Bali offers integrated healing, relaxation and wellness activities combined with deeply rooted Balinese traditions. This resort offers the Ultimate in service, high quality vegan food and extraordinary treatments.