Take your family to Cambodia

From waterfalls and jungle trails to city markets, ancient ruins and island idylls, Cambodia offers all sorts of outdoor opportunities for safe, family-friendly travel with a growing hotel infrastructure.

Emerging Hotspots in Indochina-Cambodia

February 23, 2015 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Cambodia, Indochina, News, Responsible Tourism

Beyond Angkor Wat these places to visit in Cambodia are very much worth considering. There really is more to this captivating country than ancient temples such as these 3 hotspots, all within easy reach from Phnom Penh.

The Spotlight On: Mr. Leheng, Feels “At Home” in the Chi Pat Jungle

January 9, 2015 by | Filed Under: Cambodia, News, Our People

Meet Mr. Leheng, our go to guide for Chi Pat jungle explorations. Read more…

Bird Watching, Kayaking and Cycling in Chi Phat, Cambodia

August 8, 2013 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Cambodia, News, Responsible Tourism

Situated in Cambodia’s southwestern Cardamom Mountains, the Chi Phat area is abundant in nature and wildlife. Clear rivers filled with a rich aquamarine ecosystem, a large colony of birds, and a green mountain jungle mark this seldom-visited area. There’s a wide range of unusual activities to undertake from bird watching, to kayaking and from lobster […]

Rewarding Community-based Ecotourism in the Cardamom Mountains

Cambodia is home to a variety of rewarding community based ecotourism projects. One of these can be found in Chi Phat, in the center of the Cardamom Mountains in the southwest of the country. The community of Chi Phat is part of the Cambodia Community Based Eco-tourism Network. Their mission is to strengthen the country’secotourism network […]