From Ancient Dagobas to Rooftop Bars

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The architectural highlights of Sri Lanka span over two millennia and the diversity of styles is as complex as the culture and people of the island.

Architectural Interest of Colonial Indonesia

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Journey to Java, Indonesia, to two port cities made famous during the era of the Dutch East India Company and the notorious sea trade routes to the Spice Islands.

The Rich Heritage of Balinese Royal Hindu Culture

December 2, 2015 by | Filed Under: Indonesia, News, Travel

Bali’s reputation as a beautiful tropical island paradise is only part of the story. The most iconic destination of the whole archipelago, Bali’s soul is inextricably linked with its rich cultural heritage of royal Hindu kingdoms.

Khiri Travel Wins ‘Best DMC Worldwide’ Award

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Khiri Travel is very proud to be recognised for the quality of its DMC services in this important market.

Lombok’s Tourism Icon Makes Lonely Planet Guide

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Back when the tourism industry on Lombok was non-existent, the neighbors knew English teacher, Mr. Pak Radiah, was the right person to greet the first foreign travelers to their Indonesian island.