Hospitality Training and Sustainable Tourism

A new hospitality-training center in Mae Sot provides career opportunities for Karen youth besides being a great destination for sustainable tourism.

Gifting Smiles in Maskeliya, Sri Lanka

Maskeliya’s tea pickers are happy to host visitors to their community. We support this responsible tourism initiative that highlights their beautiful plantations and contributes to local service projects. It’s a charming place to visit amidst the green tea plantations of central Sri Lanka.

Captive Breeding Success for the Bali Starling

The extraordinary beauty of a special bird almost vanished from Bali until a captive breeding program restored this species to a sustainable wild population. Bali holidayers interested in ecotourism and animal conservation pay a visit to the center.

How an Old Desk Can Create New Opportunities

April 9, 2014 by | Filed Under: Responsible Tourism, Sustainability

As a destination expert, Khiri Travel realizes that we operate in some of the world’s poorest nations. A lack of infrastucture and a more basic way of life can often appear as charming to travelers who appreciate that ‘off the beaten track’ experience. However, it can also be a barrier to development for some communities. […]