The Best Kept Secret of Bali’s Crater Lakes

Here is a tour to a part of Bali that most couples or families never see. We take to volcanic mountains and a crater lake for an invigorating water activity of paddle boarding in a secret place.

Kayaking with Kids in Kayin State Burma

February 27, 2015 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Responsible Tourism, Travel

Isabelle Demenge, author of children’s travel books, recently traveled to Kayin State, Myanmar with her husband and three young sons. Isabelle gave us feedback about what made this vacation a family friendly tour. Her upcoming books about traveling with kids in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar will be part of her Leap and Hop series of books.

Sri Lanka Can Spice Up Your Life

January 9, 2015 by | Filed Under: Culinary, News, Sri Lanka

Being the cradle of the ancient spice trade, Sri Lanka and spices pair together like a mortar and pestle. Harvest a batch of spices and learn how to use them in cooking.

Myanmar Hospitality Values Families

Myanmar offers visitors kid friendly activities that combine a unique travel experience with the heartwarming service offered by hotel staff, drivers and guides. Did you know there is no word for ‘tourist’ in Myanmar, they use the word ‘guest’ instead!

Family Fun in Vientiane

As the number of travelers to Laos grows, so do the number of attractions, especially those geared towards the family, like this one-day leisure tour to two fun destinations, just outside Vientiane.