Khiri Travel and YAANA Ventures Pick Up Two Awards

Newly formed YAANA Ventures won “Most Sustainable Travel Company.” Khiri Travel won “Best Travel Agency – Indochina.”

Health and Wellness Resort In Siem Reap

June 13, 2016 by | Filed Under: Cambodia, Travel

Combine a visit to Angkor Wat with the comfort and relaxation available at this wellness resort that offers daily yoga and top-notch services.

Perfect Island Paradise in Phang Nga Bay

Hop a speedboat from Phuket to an island paradise with an elegant resort hotel, private beach, turquoise water and teeming coral reefs.

Bagan Lodge Evokes the Spirit of Adventure

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Here is a highly recommended villa accommodation in Bagan inspired with the spirit of 19th century travel and adventure.

Breaking Waves in Bali Seaside Bungalow Resort

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This small resort on a rocky cliff overlooking the breaking waves of the ocean has the most incredible views from its wooden deck and infinity pool.