Discover the best of Sulawesi with Khiri Travel

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One of Indonesia’s largest islands, Sulawesi’s rich mythical cultures, mountainous highlands, stunning lakes, ancient megaliths and spectacular endemic wildlife, make it a destination not to be passed up.

Khiri Travel Introduces Three Options for Sulawesi Trips in Indonesia

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Modular options lasting one to three weeks open up south, central and north Sulawesi to travellers with a passion for going off the beaten track in Southeast Asia.

Central Sulawesi: Bada Valley’s Magical Megaliths

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A vast emerald-green rice plain surrounded by imposing mountains and soft rolling hills, the Bada Valley is a forgotten world of ancient magical megaliths and endemic wildlife, rarely explored by outsiders.


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Travel writer Andrew Wood reports on his most recent adventure in Bali. Discover his new travel secrets and experiences. There’s much to discover. A seasoned traveller he always find something new to experience. Join him on his latest adventure.

Khiri Travel Opens Office in Sulawesi, Indonesia

January 16, 2018 by | Filed Under: Indonesia, Press Release

Fifth Khiri office in Indonesia opens new tour options across the Indonesian archipelago from Kalimantan through Sulawesi, to the Moluccas and Papua.