Kayaking with Kids in Myanmar’s Kayin State

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Children’s travel author Isabelle Demenge writes about her family’s experience kayaking in Kayin State and how Khiri Travel’s attention to detail made it a perfectly travel-friendly tour for kids!

Kayah State trip

Kayah State is Myanmar smallest state and tucked away between the Southern part of Inle Lake and the Northern part of Kayin State.

Kayaking Tour: Making a Difference in Myanmar

We actively seek responsible tourism projects to encourage community-based tourism (CBT). Read his blog post by Myanmar General Manager Edwin to learn about our efforts in promoting tourism development to benefit the local Burmese, Karen and Mon people of Kayin State, Myanmar.

How to Travel from Thailand to Myanmar

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With the opening of four border checkpoints along the Thai-Myanmar border, traveling to Mon and Kayin States offers endless opportunities these days.

New Destinations in Myanmar: Mon and Kayin States

The remoter parts of Mon State and Kayin State are undiscovered areas of Myanmar offering spectacular nature and intriguing tribal culture dating back many centuries in Southeast Asian history. The Mon are believed to be one of the first civilizations in this part of the world. Although their kingdom was lost to the Bagan king […]