A Better Way to Travel to Ngapali Beach

Discover a wonderful corner of Myanmar with Khiri Travel’s overland program to Ngapali Beach on the remote west coast, where guests can explore the villages and nature while staying in a beautiful eco lodge.

I Finally Found Heaven on a Beach in Ngapali, Myanmar

July 14, 2014 by | Filed Under: Authentic Experiences, Travel

I have been known to be the Goldilocks of the Beaches – never able to find the one that fits me perfectly. In Myanmar, of all places, I found the perfect beach for me. I almost don’t want to talk about it. I would prefer it to remain just as it is, with few tourists, […]

Beaches and Books in St. Andrew’s Bay

A day trip to St. Andrew’s Bay on the Bay of Bengal coast includes snorkeling and experiencing village life by ox cart. It is all about getting in touch with the population of a fishermen’s village where life has all but stood still. Guests depart from Ngapali Beach, and a half hour later, traveling by […]

On the Beach in Myanmar: Quiet Days and Rural Ways

Recently, the Khiri Travel Myanmar team spent a few days inspecting the tropical beaches of southwest Myanmar. They stayed a few days in Ngapali and Maung Shwe Lay and had a great experience. Our Director of Operations, JP Klovstad, took the opportunity to see the daily routine of local people. Beach buffaloes at work — […]

Burmese Spirits: Meet U Shin Gyi, Owner of the Sea

Myanmar spirits or nats are highly revered in Myanmar — in temples, with fortune-tellers, and in almost everybody’s house. Consider a nat a “guardian spirit” for the house, one’s health, or one’s fortune. Some of the popular spirits are the guardian of Shwedagon Pagoda and the nat smoking a cigarette (easy to recognize by the […]