Myanmar’s Thingyan Festival: Four Days of Carnival Fun

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Myanmar’s Thingyan Water Festival, which marks Burmese New Year, is four days of wild, fun-filled water throwing, celebrated on the streets of major cities – a carnival-style event to which everyone is welcome!

Soggy Songkran

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For the three days of Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year’s celebration, the entire city of Bangkok turns into one huge water fight.

On Stage in Myanmar: Thingyan Water Festival

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Thingyan is the name for Water Festival in Myanmar. Celebrated in mid-April, the Water Festival marks the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. For traditional holidays, Myanmar uses their own calendar system based on the lunar calendar. 2014 for instance, will mark the end of the year 1274 M.E. (Myanmar Era). Aside from the relatively […]