A Walk Through the Winery at Nyaungshwe

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Starting from the town of Nyaungshwe at Inle Lake, one can reach the Red Mountain Estate in less than 30 minutes on foot. Claiming to be the best wine in the country, the French winemaker credits the cool climate and good soils. But not only the French produce wine in Myanmar. A German winemaker also […]

Grapes and Palms in the Battambang Countryside

The only vineyards in Cambodia are located in Battambang on the road between the Angkorian temple of Phnom Banan and the city of Battambang. Each year the winery produces several thousands bottles of red and white wines, Cambodian brandy and fresh grape juice. Several long vineyards are located behind a colorful outhouse. This is also […]

Ban Xang Hai: a Whiskey Village Near Luang Prabang

Those who are familiar with Laos might have heard about a whiskey village nestled along the Mekong River near Luang Prabang. It’s a regular stop for boats going to the historical Pak Ou Caves, but can also be reached via a 30-minute car ride. At first sight Ban Xang Hai is your typical village: dogs […]

Try Myanmar’s ‘Tranquil’ Local Wines

Myanmar women drink even less than men. When they do drink, they prefer wine to beer. Locally produced wines are winning more market share in Myanmar. At the same time, big supermarkets in Yangon display a huge variety of local and foreign wines, starting at US$7 per bottle. Back in the 1990s, a German winemaker […]

All Aboard for Yangon’s Beer Stations and Oktoberfest

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Of the about 55 million people living in Myanmar, roughly 90% of them are Buddhist. Buddhist faith does not prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but asks for the middle way. The end result is that there is relatively modest alcoholic consumption in the country. Beer and wine do not have a long history in […]