TAP Campaign

Khiri Travel supports TAP Travelers Against Plastic – a United States based non-profit organization. TAP aims to educate travelers on the importance of using reusable water containers instead of buying and using plastic bottles. It is better for the traveler, the people they visit and for the planet.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to see all travelers treating their own drinking water when they travel and putting an end to the trail of plastic water bottle waste forever.

There are compelling reasons to join the campaign while traveling in Asia. The local environmental impact of the plastic bottles is evident. Also being subject to heat and sunlight, the water in the plastic bottles may be of questionable quality. Finally, using an own container will save money! If you want to learn more, TAP’s website is a great source of information.

To help travelers set the right example and to decrease their carbon footprint, Khiri Travel distributes information to all arriving travelers in their welcome pack. Khiri Travel continues to encourage ways to minimize waste in general. Take for example this growing overview of hotels actively seeking to reduce, reuse and recycle by offering water to their guests in glass bottles or by offering filtered tap water to their guests.