Thailand Political Situation Spring 2014

Khiri Travel monitors the situation in Bangkok and Thailand carefully and will use this page for updates regarding the current political situation in the country.

Bangkok, 16 June 2014 09:00

It has been quiet from our side for a few weeks. You probably have seen in the news about Thailand that province after province the curfew has been lifted entirely. Starting with Phuket, Pattaya and Samui Island on June third and followed by a (partial) lift in 20 other provinces on Tuesday June 10th.

Last Friday 13 June was the most recent update of the political situation in Thailand.

The nationwide nighttime curfew in place since 22 May 2014 had been officially lifted on 13 June 2014, 6pm onwards. This awaited announcement marks a return to normality for the country’s tourism industry. It is not expected that any further curfews will be imposed again.

Should you have any question or doubt about the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Khiri Travel Thailand office directly.

Bangkok, 28 May 2014 17:30

The military generals have announced the change in curfew from 10 pm – 5 am to 00.01 till 4 am, effective from today until further notice. Travelers in the country will have more time to enjoy evening and night activities include restaurants, bars and other venues.

All the below remains unchanged. We will of course immediately update you should the situation evolve.

Bangkok, 26 May 2014 17:20

Currently in Bangkok everything is normal and going smooth, luckily there are no incidents to be reported since the military take-over.

However, in our continuous effort to keep you updated from an inner perspective, please kindly find here a summary of recent developments. The only significant evolution since last Friday is the extension of the curfew until further notice. It is however expected to be over very soon. We will keep on updating our mutual valued guests via the official letter through their hotels.

Tourism attractions in Thailand continue to open and operate as per normal, but operating hours have been adjusted to comply with the curfew (10pm – 05 am). All airports in Bangkok and throughout the kingdom (Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, Phuket, Koh Samui, Hat Yai and Chiang Mai) continue to carry on with their normal operating hours and air passengers are allowed to travel to and from the airports at any time as usual. Airlines also continue to operate incoming and outgoing flights as per normal. Air passengers with arrival and departure flights scheduled during curfew are allowed to travel to and from the airports at any time as usual. Travelers are advised to keep their passports and other travel documents handy at all times, in case they are required for inspection by security officers.

Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, convenient stores, as well as banks, gas stations, etc. are open and operate as per normal, but operating hours have been adjusted to comply with the curfew. Hospitals and medical personnel are permitted to carry on with their normal operating hours. In popular beach destinations including Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Krabi, all tourism-related businesses and services are operating as per normal during the day. At nighttime, curfew is also being observed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.

Bangkok, 23 May 2014 12:00

Last night, the Thai Military imposed a curfew from 10 pm until 5 am and has extended this until Monday morning 5 am, 26 May throughout the country.

Khiri Travel Thailand contacts in-country travelers via a letter in the hotel to advise them on the current developments. Likewise, our agents have received this letter together with an overview of their guests traveling in Thailand at the moment. We have added guide services to all transfers in the country in case translations are necessary. To summarize the letter Khiri Travel sent out to its guests, there is no danger to tourists and airports operate as normal. Travel at night is restricted though and only those traveling to/from airports, train stations and bus terminals, and hospitals are allowed to move between 10 pm until 5 am.

Khiri Travel advices guests in the country to carry their (printed) travel documents and passports with them and stay in the hotel during curfew hours.

Bangkok, 22 May 2014 17:50

On Tuesday morning 20 May at 3 am, Bangkok time, the Thai Military  declared martial law in the country. Until Thursday afternoon, the army was  in control of safety and the government was still responsible for leading the country.

On Thursday afternoon 22 May, however, army chief Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha declared that military has overtaken government administration to prevent any escalation of the current political turmoil. As of now, the vast majority of population in the capital welcomes this move from the military. People are confident the action will help solve the crisis faster, forcing both leaders of opposition to align their position.

©Soe Zeya Tun-Reuters_thaipeace

Earlier this week ,the Royal Thai Army declared martial law, which it mentioned already last Thursday, to restore order after the lasting anti-government protests.  Both pro-government and anti-government supporters respected the action of the military.

Currently, the tourism industry is able to operate normally. It might be possible that some roads, not in places near normal tourist sights, into Bangkok are blocked leading to traffic conditions in Bangkok being worse than usual. The current developments might impact some Bangkok related tours operated by Khiri Travel. We therefore adjust times in itineraries to allow for extra travel time and update involved parties accordingly.

Khiri Travel gives priority to ensure guests and hosts are not affected by the current situation. We will update you if there are any developments that may impact Khiri Travel guests in-country and those who have made plans to travel here. For specific questions or concerns related to this matter, please get in touch with our Khiri Travel Thailand office via the below contact form.

Picture 1 by: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters via cfr