The Unique Position of Khiri Travel Indochina

Indochina entails tour opportunities that combine 3 remarkable countries into 1 authentic holiday. Travel between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is close and easy yet each country’s cultural highlights evoke a markedly different feeling. For example, laid back Laos offers a picture of rural life along the Mekong River at Si Phan Don and Cambodia amazes with the ancient temples at Angkor Wat. Vietnam’s attractions range from bustling cities of Ho Chi Minh to the spectacular scenery of Halong Bay.

Khiri Travel Indochina has a strong presence in this region of Southeast Asia with our seven offices interconnecting the main urban hubs throughout this engaging corner of Southeast Asia. Our Indochina staff performs with passion and expertise to deliver our own products with firsthand knowledge. We manage on a regional level yet know local suppliers by their first names. Our offices can communicate effectively and deliver fast responses to our international travel agents and on the ground.

Festivals, abundant in the region and taking place throughout the year, are a great reason for your clients to book for a certain date. Sample the diverse delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine during the Tet New Year celebrations in Vietnam. Get set and ready for the Angkor Wat Half Marathon in Siem Reap. Homegrown excitement soars to new heights during the Laos Rocket Festival (Boun Bang Fai). Regardless of the time of year, Indochina offers intriguing and colorful experiences.

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