Vietnam Promotion

Travel agents booking a Vietnam trip of a minimum of five days will receive a 1-day tour for free!

Travel agents that confirm a complete travel program of at least five days for their clients with Khiri Travel Vietnam before 15 January 2014, will receive a complimentary 1-day tour in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. The only action required is to mention this special offer in your inquiry. You can choose the location of the free tour yourself depending on your customer’s wishes. Both of these tours are unique Khiri Travel day-tours, developed and operated by our own local experts.

Khiri Vietnam-Hanoi-Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

Option 1 Hanoi: Pagoda & Woodblock Carvings

Explore Vietnamese culture in Hanoi by visiting pagodas and discovering woodblock carvings. We will take a drive out of town to reach Dau Pagoda, one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam. At the pagoda, locals worship Buddha, but also female spirits and Lady Dau – meaning Black Lady — based on the unique dark color of the wood from which her statue is made.
Dau pagoda used to be in the center of the old citadel of Luy Lau, a former Buddhist site and an important intellectual center during the era of Chinese domination. Next is But Thap pagoda, which was founded in 1037 and is one of the most beautiful pagodas in the region. The temple houses a mix of statues of Buddha and other spirits. Another highlight of this pagoda is the unique prayer wheel from the 13th century. We enjoy lunch together with the locals in a nearby restaurant. In the afternoon, we continue our discovery at a Zen Buddhist temple, famed for its woodblock carvings. An old language (Chu-Nom) that was only used in the past is preserved on blocks of wood. One of the residential monks will open the pagoda library exclusively for us and show us some unique pieces. (The woodblocks are classified by UNESCO for their cultural significance in Vietnam.) On the way back to Hanoi, we stop at a local market to taste a few local specialties. We finish the day with a tea break with typical northern snacks in Hanoi.
Value: USD 83 per pax

Jade Emperor Pagoda-Saigon_Original Nomad

Option 2 Ho Chi Minh City: Local History & People of Southern Vietnam

If you would like to explore the South of Vietnam, we have another unique offer for you: choose for the Ho Chi Minh City tour. This tour is a full-day program and includes a visit to a Catholic monastery, where we have access to an exclusive private library of Chu Nom books. After this, we enjoy a tasty spring roll experience at the vibrant Benh Thanh market.
We spend the day discovering the religions and personalities that influenced the development of Ho Chi Minh City. The history of the city is rich. We discover a Catholic monastery and its community — their way of life, their involvement in history and their work to help disadvantaged children. We also have exclusive access to the private library of the church where we can see old books written in Chu-Nom – an ancient language created by the Vietnamese people. The day continues with a visit to Le Van Duyet Mausoleum. Van Duyet was a great eunuch and senior commander during the Tay Son war. Discover a unique Khmer pagoda related to the war. We finish this part of the tour with a visit to the Jade emperor pagoda, where we discover the hidden sanctuary of Saigon.
When we visit Benh Thanh market afterwards, we stroll among the many shops in search of aromatic Trung Nguyen coffee, delicious dried fruits, and the most beautifully painted bamboo tableware. But we also give clients a fun experience deep inside the market, allowing travelers to prepare spring rolls and local specialties themselves. We try to compete with one of the vendors and prepare our own rolls with meat, rice noodles and vegetables. It’s a satisfying local food experience in Vietnam. Crunch, texture and taste!
Value: USD 49 per pax



Vietnam is one of the most compelling destinations in Southeast Asia. The dragon-shaped country guarantees charm, exoticism and adventure. In the north, you can discover the wonderful Halong Bay, the timeless charm of Hanoi and the very colorful ethnic minorities of Sapa and Ha Giang. In the center you can find surprising Hoi An and the beautiful architecture of Hue. Sandy beaches with year-round sunshine stretch all the way southwards to Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. Hearts will surely be captured by the immense water scenes, endless rice fields and buzzing floating markets of the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam is a country of multiple faces and contrasts. Discover the bustling metropolitan commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City; trek in a national park with untouched nature and unique wildlife; or enjoy a stay on the white sandy beaches of a luxury property. Share a unique moment with people at a local market, or visit a few of the exceptional old-style pagodas. Wherever in Vietnam you are, you can find the perfect vacation with Khiri Travel.


For bookings, information and tour descriptions, please contact Michael Healy in our Khiri USA office at or T 855-khiri-us.

Refer to this Vietnam day-tour offer to receive one of these two unique day tours upon confirming a booking.

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion applies until 15 January 2014
  • A full-day tour is included
  • The tour can be part of the five-day itinerary and excludes overnight stay
  • Pick up and drop off from Hanoi Airport/Ho Chi Minh City airport or hotel downtown is included
  • The tour may not be exchanged for money or other assets
  • The tours are exclusively developed and executed by Khiri Travel

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