Pearl Beach Resort

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Pearl Beach Resort, glass water bottle, Indonesia

Our newest addition to our list of hotels using glass water bottles is Pearl Beach Resort located on the tiny island of Gili Trawangan off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. This small, eco-friendly resort has been providing guest’s drinking water in complimentary glass water jars. In the resort’s restaurant, there is a water dispenser to refill the water jars as needed.

Pearl Beach Resort, glass water bottle, Indonesia

The motivation in using glass water jars instead of single use plastic bottles is to save on both cost and waste. Waste reduction is the most important reason. Cost wise it is also cheaper to buy one 10-liter container for the dispenser than to buy ten, 1-liter plastic bottles.

Pearl Resort shares their waste reduction efforts with their clients to raise attention about protecting the environment. They receive very good feedback. They also recycle as much waste as possible and buy supplies from the local community (kilometer zero). In support of local livelihood projects, they sell locally produced handicrafts, made from recycled plastic, at their resort.