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30 Years of Khiri Travel: Staff Celebration in Bangkok

Thank You for Celebrating Khiri Travel's 30th Anniversary Together!

We recently marked a significant milestone by hosting a memorable Khiri 30 Years staff celebration in Bangkok on May 26th. To commemorate this special occasion, a walking tour was organized by Khiri Travel, led by our dedicated team of professional guides. The tour commenced at the W22 hotel and meandered through the charming streets of Bangkok’s Talad Noi district, ultimately arriving at the picturesque Baan Rim Naam, an idyllic riverside restaurant near the Chaopraya River.

The event served as a perfect opportunity for Khiri Travel to express gratitude and recognize the dedication of its longest-serving staff members, drivers, and other employees. Their unwavering commitment and contribution to the company’s success were acknowledged and honored throughout the celebration. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening was a speech delivered by the CEO of Khiri Travel, Willem Niemeijer. His words resonated with warmth and inspiration, captivating the audience and strengthening the bond within the Khiri Travel family.

Our 30 Years staff celebration was a testament to Khiri Travel’s commitment to fostering a supportive and appreciative work culture. It served as a well-deserved recognition for the employees’ hard work and dedication, as well as an opportunity to come together and celebrate the collective achievements of the organization.

We thank the teams from Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand for joining us in this celebration in Bangkok. Together, we created a truly special and unforgettable event. The presence of each team added vibrancy and diversity, reflecting the unique cultures and experiences that make Khiri Travel such a remarkable company.