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A leading regional destination management company for nearly 30 years, Khiri Travel delivers creative and personalized itineraries, with the highest standards of service to discerning tour operators worldwide; we hold ourselves accountable to the triple-bottom line: people, planet, and profit. We’re real specialists and live up to our reputation of ‘sharing our passion for discovery’.

Creativity and a genuine passion for responsible travel are at the core of all we do at Khiri Travel. We’re real specialists in each of our destinations. We love what we do, and that shows in our team spirit. Dream destinations are our place of work, and we make it our responsibility to ensure they remain fabulous to visit for generations to come. We genuinely believe tourism can be a force for good. 

As tourism rebounds we are busy again, and are on the lookout for hard-working, dynamic, out-of-the-box thinkers with a good sense of humor and excellent cross-cultural skills. Your personality means as much as how good you are at what you do.

In the first instance, you can browse available Asia travel jobs in your choice of location below. If you cannot find the dream job you are looking for or fear you lack the qualifications or experience, we would still love to hear how you can contribute to making Khiri Travel even better than it already is! Email your CV and a cover letter to: jointheteam@khiri.com.

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Travel Designer

Respond to agent requests, leading to successful bookings, prepare customized travel itineraries in our system, prioritizing our preferred hotels and experiences, prepare educational itineraries for Khiri Campus that fit partner requirements and make quotations with accuracy and a commercial mind set

Contracting & Database Executive

Negotiating best supplier rates and credit terms, keeping our system updated with rates and information, providing information to the Khiri Travel marketing team for websites and other activities by sourcing information from suppliers, ensuring quality and competitive rates through product analysis, and communicate updates about supplier status, such as special offers, seasonal promotions, stop sales status or any essential news to the sales team

AP Accountant

Communicates, follows up and prepares payment voucher to settle payment for suppliers, work closely with other teams to resolve payment-related issues and to clarify payments to suppliers, take care of transactions with bank, update data on system K360 and KMP, make payment to guides and control guide cost, collect input invoices, check information of invoices and send them to external accounting monthly, and follow debts with suppliers