We are on a mission to be the leading tourism brand in Asia.
We are on a mission to be the leading tourism brand in Asia.
We are on a mission to be the leading tourism brand in Asia.
We are on a mission to be the leading tourism brand in Asia.

Our Vision of sustainable travel is at the heart of our business

About Khiri Travel

The golden land of Angkor and Bagan, of Bangkok and Vientiane. For centuries, Southeast Asian names alone have induced an irresistible romance amongst the susceptible: Saigon, Mandalay,
Phnom Penh, Rangoon, the mighty meandering Mekong.

Khiri Travel was founded in 1993 and now has offices and specialist teams in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos). A dedicated sales office in the
USA bridges the time zones and makes personal contact easier for North American partners.

Khiri Reach is our charity organization to help disadvantaged people through community development, conservation, environment and empowerment projects.

It is our mission to grow Khiri Travel to be the leading brand in quality tourism in Asia — and the
champion of the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Khiri’s vision of “Sharing our Passion for Discovery” encompasses the company’s collective
inspiration, outlook, and culture.


We celebrate our 25th anniversary in style! Close to 200 staff from our eight destinations converge in Bangkok for a weekend full of fun and games. We’re ready for 25 more years of sharing our passion for discovery!


It’s onward and upward from here out with the opening of our first Indonesian office on the island of Lombok and our move into the Sri Lankan market with our first office in Colombo!


Already having a strong presence in Western European markets, Khiri Travel sets up a dedicated sales office in the US to support the growing interest in Asia of specialist operators in the North American market.


We get the timing just right for our entry into the Myanmar market, as the military junta is officially dissolved, Aung San Suu Kyi is released and democratic elections follow – the beginning of a freer era of travel to Myanmar!


A difficult year for Khiri Travel as we launch our first office in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi to the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis that dramatically affects travel to the region.


Khiri Reach, our registered charity is launched – formalizing our dedication to people and planet projects, leveraging our team and office network to get 100 percent of funds to the projects.


Ten years on and we are opening our spanking-new head office in a leafy suburb of Bangkok – we value a garden over the glitz of a downtown high-rise.


Khiri Travel’s business begins to gain momentum as we selectively work with specialist tour operators, forging a niche for our innovative programs that explore remote areas of Southeast Asia.


It’s a humble start, a fun but frugal time, when we are excited to build travel programs on the opening borders in the region – while advocating sustainable practices at the core of the business concept.