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Khiri Travel Myanmar, a sustainable Myanmar DMC, offers a refreshing take on travel, showcasing real-life Myanmar and avoiding the ‘pagoda rally’. A success for us is to touch people’s hearts with true Burmese hospitality through thoughtful itineraries encompassing meaningful local interactions. Designing a Signature Experience is to relook at the ordinary, return to the roots and contextualize must-sees for an unforgettable experience. The uncharted excites us and with our extensive network. Our broad range of experience includes film fixing for the BBC, cross-country car rallies, re-creating traditional ceremonies, and trekking to remote regions where we employ villagers to erect tented camps for the night. Travel with us and meet personalities with a story, from former royalty to ex-political prisoners to local artists.

Our team is almost 100 percent local and comprises more than 20 ethnic groups. From our efficient sales teams, who turn competitive quotes around in 24 hours, to our customer care specialists – whose skills lie in turning clients into loyal repeating guests – each team member is a valued and vital part of our operations. Sustainability is at our very core and we are proud to be the first Travelife certified DMC in Myanmar. Developing local family-run enterprises nurtures the industry, and with more than 20 success stories thus far, Khiri Myanmar is leading the way in growing the local sustainable travel market.

Tha Zin Aung

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What Khiri Has Done In

Myanmar is home to many budding, young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, but sadly, limitations in capital and infrastructure make it difficult to turn worthwhile concepts into reality. In the time that Khiri Travel Myanmar has been present in Yangon, we have supported more than 20 travel-related projects, local NGOs and social enterprises around the country – helping individuals and families to set up their own schemes. Our aim is for these programs to become sustainable, self-reliant and creative outlets that the Burmese people can be proud of.

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“Khiri Myanmar is the benchmark of what every DMC should hold themselves against and aspire towards. You are a leader for service, quality, responsiveness, sustainability, and innovation.”

– Agent Partner From Singapore

When to Go and What to Do
in Myanmar




Mahamuni Pagoda Festival

Concentrated around the Mahamuni pagoda in Mandalay, this is a large yearly temple festival very similar to the Ananda Festival in Bagan, although it’s more modern. Try the antique Ferry-wheel or the merry-go-round and buy the latest pop music CDs at the market. A traditional “chin lone” (cane football) competition is held during this festival, attracting teams from all over the country. If you happen to be in Mandalay during the festival, it’s worth visiting.




Shittaung Pagoda Festival

The Rakhine dynasty, based in Mrauk U, reached its peak during the 15th century. In those days, Mrauk U was a busy trading port that was frequently visited by Dutch, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, and Asian traders. Mrauk U was once called one of the wealthiest cities in Asia, comparable to Amsterdam or London. What’s left at it today is a historical site with 700 temples built in a very different style from the Bagan temples (they look like forts at first sight). The fortress temples were built after an attack from the Portuguese during the reign of King Minbin (1513 – 1553). According to legend, the pagodas have been built by thousands of architects and workmen for a year. The Shittaung Pillar in the northern entrance of the pagoda has been brought in from Vesali in India. During the festival, you will have a chance to see daily boat racing competitions and Rakhine traditional wrestling along with the Rakhine traditional oil lamp dance.



Waso Chinlone Festival

Waso Chinlone Festival is a tribute to an ancient royal sports game called Cane Ball. It has been held in Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay every year since 1926. It is one of the largest sports events with 1220 Chinlone teams competing, stretched one 48 days of competition. Players from all over the country gather at this event to pay homage to the most revered Shrine and convene in tribute for a game of Chinlone. The game is quite similar to football, but the players have to keep the ball off the ground. The Chinlone contest is played with live music from Myanmar saing-waing (traditional orchestra) and a running commentary.






Mount Popa Nat Festival

Mount Popa is home to the nats (spirits) in Myanmar, where the spirit statues are displayed and each spirit gets its own name, accessories, and traditional dresses. During the Nat festival, devotees come and pay respect, give donations to the nats, and you can see people dancing wildly as it being possessed by the spirit. This is an interesting time to visit Mount Popa, although it can be crowded and pretty wild. Be careful of the monkeys, on the mountain; don’t feed them, and try to ignore them.