Experience the Myanmar Kathina festival, culminating in the luminous Tazaungmone celebration.

Farewell to the rainy season in Myanmar marks the culmination of the Kathina festival, during which monks are presented with alms, including new robes, on the full moon day of Tazaungmone—the eighth month in the Burmese calendar, typically falling in November in the Western calendar. Following the Thadingyut celebration on the preceding full moon, Tazaungmone becomes another luminous festival, coinciding with the Tazaungdaing festival.

Throughout Myanmar, the Tazaungdaing festival features the enchanting sight of illuminated hot-air balloons being released into the night sky. This symbolic gesture serves as an offering to the devas in Buddhist cosmology and acts as a ritual to dispel evil spirits. Among the most captivating Tazaungdaing celebrations is the one in Taunggyi, where giant paper balloons are illuminated and sent soaring into the heavens.

The eve of the full moon witnesses the intriguing robe-weaving contest, where teams of women showcase their weaving prowess from dusk till dawn. The competition revolves around crafting the saffron-colored ‘Ma Tho Thin Gan’ robes in a traditional style of Myanmar, showcasing exceptional skill and handicraft. The finished robes are dedicated to the Buddha at daybreak, and the most exquisite robe earns its team the coveted prize. This event is a visual delight, highlighting the artistry and dedication of the participating teams.

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