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Khiri Pulse: The Southeast Asia Travel Podcast

Khiri Pulse is our podcast dedicated to insightful conversations about the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry in Asia and beyond. Each month we talk to interesting local experts about various topics related to tourism in Southeast Asia, so please subscribe below to make sure you don’t miss an episode!

Khiri Pulse S2EP1: The Siam Hotel, Bangkok

For the first episode of our second season, focusing on insider discussions between hoteliers and our regional general managers, Khiri Thailand General Manager Julien Monnerie sits down with Nick Downing. Nick is the general manager of The Siam Hotel in Bangkok, one of Khiri Thailand’s favourite hotels. On the episode, Nick and Julien discuss the hotel’s unique history, changes brought by the Covid pandemic, their favourite local spots in Bangkok, as well as the many reasons why now is the ideal time to visit Thailand.

Khiri Pulse EP9: Dining in Sri Lanka

Our last episode of this first season welcomes old friends Mahiru Fernando and Supun Goonewardene, who is the Food and Beverage manager at the Ceylon Curry Club in Sri Lanka. In this episode, Mahiru and Suphun discuss Sri Lankan cuisine, shaping young minds for a future in hospitality, and share a very special surprise at the end to wrap up the season.

Khiri Pulse EP8: Vietnam's Craft Beer Scene

In this episode, Khiri Group Marketing Manager Tim Russell welcomes Tim Scott to the podcast. Tim Scott is based in Vietnam and is the deputy CEO of Redwok, the largest restaurant group in the country that operates some of Vietnam’s most loved brands, including Bia Craft Artisan Ales. On today’s episode, Tim Russell and Tim Scott discuss Vietnam’s vibrant beer-drinking culture and the introduction of craft ales to the community

Khiri Pulse EP7: Cleaning Bangkok's Canals

In this episode, Khiri Group Marketing Manager Tim Russell welcomes the executive director of Terracycle, James Scott, to the podcast, to discuss their amazing project to clean up Bangkok’s waterways.

Khiri Pulse EP6: Sustainability & Resilience

In this episode, Khiri Founder & CEO Willem Niemeijer discusses how tourism in Southeast Asia can become more of a force for good, with Graham Harper of PATA.

Khiri Pulse EP5: Eating Like a Local in Northern Thailand

In this episode, Khiri Group Marketing Manager Tim Russell welcomes acclaimed Chiang Mai-based food writer Kay Plunkett-Hogge to discuss Northern Thai delicacies, eating like a local, and experimentations with classic favourites.

Khiri Pulse EP4: Cambodian Culinary Delights

In this episode, John Black of Khiri Cambodia welcomes Sonya Duck, the founder of Urban Forage. Together, they discuss their favourite Cambodian street snacks, sustainable cuisines of the future, and the philanthropic opportunities that can be found through food.

Khiri Pulse EP3: Sri Lanka’s Kulu Safaris

In this episode, Mahiru Fernando – Khiri Sri Lanka’s General Manager, and his guest Javana Fernando discuss the diverse Sri Lankan wildlife, the country’s national parks, and Kulu’s efforts toward sustainability and conservation.

Khiri Pulse EP2: Running in Vietnam

Nick and David discuss their shared passion for running, charity work, grabbing a pint after a race, and why it is so special to do all this in Vietnam.

Khiri Pulse EP1: Single-Use Plastics

Welcome to the first episode of Khiri Pulse. The podcast that dedicated to the inside conversation about the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries in Asia and beyond.