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Khiri Pulse S2EP7:Tourism as a Force for Good - 30 Year Celebration Discussion

On this special finale episode of Khiri Pulse before we take a hiatus, we have a live recording of a panel discussion with industry giants that happened over the weekend, as part of our 30 Anniversary Celebration. On the stage were Willem Niemeijer, the founder of Khiri Travel; Dee Suvimol, the executive director of Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (or the MTCO); Chris Stafford, the founder and CEO of the Orient and Occident company; Jens Thraenhart, the CEO of Barbados Tourism, and moderated by Ken Scott, the managing director of ScottAsia Communications. To a crowded of around a hundred of our partners and suppliers, the panelists sat down and shared their enlightening views on the future of travel, responsible business approaches, and the impact of this industry, all circling around Khiri Travel’s ambition to make Tourism A Force for Good.


Thank you for listening to another episode of Khiri Pulse. This will be the last episode of podcast until further notice, and we thank you for listening to our monthly installments these past two seasons.

Presented by Khiri Travel.

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