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Khiri Core Team

Khiri Core

The Khiri Core team plays a pivotal role in maintaining consistency across the brand, service, quality, and management aspects of our operations. Their primary objective is to provide robust support to our country teams through implementing effective systems, sharing best practices, and disseminating knowledge. By doing so, they aim to facilitate sustained growth and development of the overall company, ensuring its long-term success and prosperity.

John Howe - Business Operations Director

Combining a strategic mind with a passion for exploration, John steps into the role of Business Operations Director at Khiri Core. His expertise lies in optimizing complex systems and ensuring efficient processes, driving the company’s smooth operation at all levels. John collaborates closely with our Country General Managers, our CEO, and the Board of Directors of Khiri Travel, translating their vision into actionable plans. He brings not only a wealth of operational experience but also a deep passion for travel and sustainability, values that perfectly align with Khiri Core’s mission.

Michael Healy - Sales Director North America

In 2012, Michael Healy joined Khiri Travel to North America, and since then has dedicated himself to expanding our reach in the region. Mike’s infectious passion for conservation and adventure is evident in his work as the sales director in our North America offices.

Marsha Niemeijer - Brand Production Assistant

Marsha Niemeijer recently joined the Khiri Core team as the brand production assistant. In addition to the video and media work she does for Khiri, Marsha is the producer of the monthly Khiri Pulse podcast. Outside of Khiri Travel, Marsha is an artist, writer, and filmmaker; she can be found at her local movie theater, or at a bookstore.

Eric Chaichayuttapongs - System Development Manager

Eric Chaichayuttapongs knows the Khiri systems and databases like the back of his hand, which means he has been an integral part of the Khiri Core team since he joined the company in 2013. In the office, Eric dedicates his time to making sure our operations run smoothly.

Sofia Tan - Group Product Coordinator

Sofia Tan, our Group Product Coordinator, is of Filipino/Singaporean heritage but has been based in Thailand since 2006. She is passionate about learning new languages, which enables her to gain deeper insights into different cultures. Outside of her role at Khiri, she enjoys exploring unseen destinations through hiking, sampling new cuisines, and spending quality time with her two dogs.

Pannita Sripramai - Senior Marketing Executive

Pannita, also known as Mai, a graduate in tourism and hospitality with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, is deeply enthusiastic about travel and discovering new destinations. Her creativity is evident in all her endeavors. Additionally, Mai has a strong interest in volunteer work, having previously served as a teacher for hill tribe students in northern Thailand.

Thanapon Chartnamphet - Group Finance Coordinator

Thanapon has recently joined Khiri Core as a Group Financial Coordinator. One thing that he has always been passionate about is Nature and Finance. He thinks it’s something with his adventure as a kid and education in the financial field. How excited that both can go along together. So that’s why he enjoys working in the tourism and hospitality industry. It allows him to blend his personal interests and passions with his career. He feels like he’s working on supporting people to have fantastic service, and that motivates him to do great work.

Pornsiwa Yamsuk - IT Administrator

Pornsiwa, also known as Tua, has recently become a part of Khiri Core as an IT Administrator. Tua brings with him experience in IT Security. He efficiently handles IT tasks such as onboarding new staff for all destinations and ensuring everyone receives the necessary support for their needs.

Pidchayanin Wongsarakit - Sustainability Coordinator

Known as Mew in Khiri, she joined the team in 2023 as the Sustainability Coordinator. Born into a Peranakan family in Phuket, this upbringing instilled in her a love for learning about culture and history. With a background in Science, Engineering, and the management aspect of the environment, she is passionate about addressing the sustainability challenges in the tourism industry. She loves taking photos of nature and writing. Additionally, she oversees Khiri Reach, the charity foundation of Khiri Travel.

Amiga Na Takuatung - Marketing Executive

Meet Amy, a Marketing Executive at Khiri whose passion for the arts shines through in every aspect of her work. With her creative skills and keen eye for detail. Amy’s knack for blending marketing strategies with artistic flair sets her apart, allowing her to craft engaging campaigns that captivate audiences.