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Khiri Travel Core Values

Khiri Travel’s Company Core Values are our founding principles that guide us in our day-to-day decisions. These set of rules has helped teams and individuals in Khiri Travel for over 30 years in making decisions that are aligned with our Vision. As a result, our 30-year reputation is rooted in these values.

Our four founding principles are Passion, Global & Local Presence, Trust, and Creativity & Innovation.

Here is how we express these values in our daily work:


  • The passion of Khiri Travel’s founders is at the core of our business: a passion for travel, our destinations, and its people
  • Sharing that passion with our clients, travelers, suppliers and communities we work with
  • Surpass each traveler’s expectations; we only succeed when our clients rave about their trip
  • Take pride in working together as a team

Global & Local Presence

  • Each of our regional office teams are experts in their destination and proud to share this knowledge
  • We understand the needs of our global clients and tailor unique experiences that inspire and educate to these needs,
  • We embrace the cultures, geographies, and ways of life of our clients and seek opportunities to share our own
  • Giving back by supporting local communities and acting as environmentally concerned global citizens


  • We deliver on time, on budget, and with a smile
  • We treat our team as a family, our clients, and suppliers as friends
  • We value long-lasting relationships over short-term gains or losses
  • We help our team members to succeed

Creativity & Innovation

  • We seek new challenges, improve ourselves and never accept the status quo
  • We keep abreast of trends and have confidence in the success of our initiatives
  • We express creativity that is aligned with the triple bottom line
  • We make it our business to create experiences that capture the essence of the place