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30 Years of Khiri Travel: Tuk Tuk Treasure Hunt and Cultural Workshop in Ayutthaya

Celebrating This Special Milestone Together!

Khiri Travel’s 30th-anniversary celebration continued on May 27th in Ayutthaya, enveloping the participants in a day filled with excitement and cultural immersion. The celebration commenced with a thrilling Tuk Tuk treasure hunt, where teams embarked on a quest to gather letters spelling out “ANNIVERSARY” throughout the historic city. This engaging activity showcased Ayutthaya’s beauty and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the staff.

As the evening unfolded, the celebration became more immersive and enriching, with cultural workshops representing each country under Khiri Travel’s umbrella – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Each country’s team proudly presented its local cuisine and beverages, allowing for a delightful exchange of traditions, flavors, and stories. This unique culinary experience served as a testament to the diverse and vibrant cultures that Khiri Travel embraces.

The celebration also featured a speech by Khiri co-founder Frans Betgem, captivating the audience with his words of inspiration and gratitude. Additionally, the staff surprised their CEO, Willem Niemeijer, with touching birthday videos from colleagues, family, and friends, adding an extra layer of warmth and joy to the occasion. The pinnacle of the event arrived in the form of a beautiful poem and song performed by Dr. Kritsana Harasarn, the wife of Willem Niemeijer, leaving everyone with lasting memories of a truly unforgettable celebration.

Once again, we sincerely thank all the teams for their presence, enthusiasm, and dedication during this special celebration. Your unwavering support and commitment are invaluable to Khiri Travel’s continued success. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate reaching new milestones together, crafting even more remarkable memories.