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Highlighting Khiri Travel's Offerings for 2023

Welcome to Khiri Travel’s website, your gateway to extraordinary travel experiences in 2023. We are thrilled to present our latest product highlights, promising you a year filled with unforgettable journeys. In 2023, Khiri Travel will continue its legacy of crafting unique and immersive adventures. Our product lineup covers a broad spectrum of offerings, from the exclusive Khiri Signature collection to the exhilarating Khiri WOW experiences. With Khiri Travel, you can expect tailor-made tours, sustainable adventures, and cultural encounters that will leave a lasting impression.

Cambodia's Heartland

This tour visits the highlights of Phnom Penh and Angkor but also travels to a couple of the less-visited spots in the kingdom.

The stunning pre-Angkorian ruins at Sambor Prei Kuk are a real treat and take a detour from the tourist trail. Here you can experience a local homestay. You will also get to visit the huge temples at Kampong Svay. The magnificent and unique Tonle Sap Lake is also well worth a visit. While in Phnom Penh, you will take a walking tour of some of the unique markets in the city for a real authentic experience. The tour finishes with the true wonder of the Kingdom, the Angkor Archaeological Park.

White Water Rafting in Thailand

Tackle some of Thailand’s best whitewater rapids, with a rafting adventure through picturesque valleys and giant canyons and soak up the stunning scenery.

Head out to the mighty Mae Taeng River with your fellow adrenalin junkies. Following a local lunch in a beautiful setting, gather around for a safety briefing and then let this whitewater rafting journey begin. Begin in relatively calm waters, warm up your paddling skills before passing through some more challenging sections of the river. Following the successful end to your adventure, high with excitement, get dropped back at your accommodation.

Minimum age  15 years

Hike, Camp, Sleep, Repeat at
Knuckles Mountain, Sri Lanka

A multi-day hiking adventure into the Knuckles Mountain range with overnight camping at the Knuckles Basecamp.

The first day of the adventure starts with a drive to Heeloya Village, one of the most scenic villages bordering the knuckles Mountain range from where your hike will commence and you will walk through villages, rice fields, water streams and enjoy a packed lunch along the way. Arrive at Knuckles Basecamp, your basic and rustic abode. On the second day, set out on a full day hike to Gombaniya, the tallest peak in the Knuckles range. On the third day, walk towards Rangala from where your hiking adventure ends.

Sunset BBQ on Hoi An Beach

Enjoy a private, local, fresh seafood BBQ on the Beach as the sun sets over Hoi An.

After exploring Hoi An and the surrounding area all day, it’s time to relax and put your feet in the sand. Surrounded by tiki torches and with your private chef and waiter, enjoy a beachside BBQ with the freshest of ingredients as the sun sets behind you.

Note: This tour highly depends on weather conditions, the best time is from March to July

Kayak to Intha Villages, Myanmar

Set Sail in Kayaks to Explore Rural Areas and Stilted Weaving Village, Unveiling Intha Culture

Embark on a genuine adventure as we lead you to the embarkation point for an enthralling kayaking expedition to the remote villages of Inle Lake. Depending on your hotel’s location, a brief motorboat transfer across the lake will transport you to In Phaw Khone, the renowned weaving village on stilts belonging to the Intha community. Equipped with lightweight kayaks, you’ll set out on the lake (with two persons per kayak) to explore rural regions that remain a hidden gem to most outsiders! 

Bolaven Plateau in a Day

Waterfalls, coffee plantations, and ethnic minority villages make up this remarkable adventure in southern Laos

Journey across the mesmerizing Laotian countryside to reach the Bolaven Plateau within Paksong province. This region is renowned for its sprawling coffee plantations, offering you the chance to savor the local brew at Sinouk coffee plantation. Pause at Tad Fane to marvel at the awe-inspiring 200-meter waterfalls. Following a delightful local lunch, your adventure continues to Kok Phuomh. This unique area hosts a variety of culturally vibrant ethnic minority communities, including the Mon-Khmer people, as well as the Khmu, Alat, Ngae, Kalung, Lavane, and Katung groups who call this region home.

Encounter Orangutans of Sumatra

Come up close with the rainforest’s most wonderful inhabitants; our distant human relatives, the Sumatran Orang Utan.

Embark on a challenging jungle trek deep into the Gunung Leuser National Park with an experienced guide searching for Sumatran orangutans. Listen to stories and be rewarded with a beautiful and pristine environment. Seek out other amazing animals that call the park home such as Thomas leaf monkeys, Longtail and Pigtail macaques, flying squirrels, and Sumatran peacocks. Learn about the rainforest and identify the different species of flora and fauna along the way. Appreciate the threats that face the endangered Sumatran Orang Utan and what conservation is being undertaken to preserve their environment. 

Khiri Travel's Extraordinary Year: Empowering Positive Impact through Khiri Reach!

About Khiri Reach

Established in 2007, Khiri Reach is a charitable foundation committed to uplifting disadvantaged communities through initiatives spanning community development, conservation, environmental stewardship, and empowerment. Our footprint extends across Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia, with upcoming projects slated for Indonesia, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Our mission revolves around education and direct collaboration with both rural and urban individuals, fostering sustainable enhancements to their livelihoods.

Khiri Reach takes on the role of identifying genuine projects necessitating funding, offering guidance to donors and volunteers, and ensuring that every penny of donation aids beneficiary initiatives. With Khiri Travel absorbing all operational expenses, every donation reaches deserving projects. Our coordination extends to local NGOs and ventures, backed by Khiri Travel’s dedicated personnel who allocate five paid working days annually to lead Khiri Reach endeavors.

Our efforts garnered global recognition as the 2023 Travel Marketing Awards in London granted Khiri Reach a remarkable third place worldwide for its exceptional sustainable and responsible tourism promotion. To learn more about our impactful work, visit KhiriReach.org.

Khiri Reach: Projects in 2023

Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center in Sri Lanka

In April 2023, our Khiri Reach Ambassador and Khiri Travel representatives in Sri Lanka visited the Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center in Kegalle. They brought along the visit with dry rations and meat items (which is a luxury for the children), worth approximately 300$ as an in-kind donation.

Duang Prateep Foundation in Bangkok

On 12 May 2023, Khiri Reach visited Duang Prateep Foundation in Bangkok’s Khlongtoey ‘slum’ district to donate 12,000THB worth of equipment and food to the school. In return, the kids used their art skills to decorate gift bags for Khiri Travel’s upcoming 30th anniversary party!

PUSPADI – Bali – Indonesia

During June 2023, PUSPADI Bali formed a partnership with Khiri Reach, a collaborative program aimed at providing wheelchair assistance to individuals with disabilities in Bali. The beneficiaries of this program are 16 individuals with disabilities who directly receive the wheelchairs, as well as their families who indirectly benefit from the program.

Food Bank Vietnam

On 27 April 2023, Khiri Reach and Food Bank Vietnam delivered 150 meals to elderly people residing in the Vinh Son Nursing Home, located in the Binh Thanh district of Ho Chi Minh City. This is just the first step of our 10-week support program, with the goal of reducing food waste and fighting hunger in the community.

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