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Lombok Branch Manager - Khiri Indonesia

Selamat – Welcome to Indonesia!

Hi, my name is Aini. Even though Indonesia is my home country, this place keeps amazing me by its beauty and makes me proud to be an Indonesian woman. Since I started working in tourism for Sunda Trails/ Khiri Travel in 2006, I have had lots of opportunities to travel all around this wonderful archipelago.

The first island I visited for work was Sumatra. To this day, it is still the island I love most. Sumatra has awesome diversity in nature and wildlife and the local inhabitants, with their friendly faces, always warm my heart. Besides that, there are of course the orang utans. These adorable forest animals make my heart melt just looking at their curious faces. For me, this island has it all and I love to share this sentiment with our guests.

Even though I have not seen so much of the rest of the world as most of our travelers, I can truly say that every time I travel to different parts of this vast assembly of islands, it is almost as if I have traveled to a different country. The Indonesian islands are so different one to the next. Each with its own local language(s), culture and unique beauty, give me the impression I can keep traveling to another island and always come back home with the feeling I have been to someplace completely new.

I know from my husband that not only is my country’s landscape beautiful, but we are also by far the country blessed with the most underwater treasures for diving. Living here and having this wonderful job gives me a privileged position. I feel honored because my team and I can offer all this beauty to our customers. We work for our guests so they will fall in love with Indonesia and leave with unforgettable memories of their trip here.

Aini Wikamto

Lombok Branch Manager

Khiri Team - Khiri Travel Indonesia team Dec. - Indonesia

Meet the team

Our core team is made of 15 full-time staff based in Lombok. We are a colourful team, coming from different parts and backgrounds all over the archipelago. But that is precisely what makes our country and our team so unique! We are proud of our beautiful country and love showing it off to our foreign guests.

Anton Buu is from Flores where he works as a guide for Khiri. When he was a child they used to call him “stickman,” because he used a stick when walking. This is because he got polio as a child. Nowadays they vaccinate children for polio in Indonesia, but Anton missed that boat. Anton has been a guide since 2001 and knows a lot of islands. He says that guiding is in his blood.

testimonial - Indonesia

In July 2015 we visited the beautiful island of Flores. I would like to thank you for assigning Peter Liwu as our guide during our 8 days trip by minivan from east to west. Peter has a thorough knowledge of the culture, the different tribes and nature of Flores, speaks English very well, and on top of that is a very nice person.

- Family Alkemade | Netherlands

About Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast archipelago characterized by huge numbers: 17,000 islands of which 8,000 are inhabited; 250 million people speaking over 300 languages; and 25% of the earth’s active volcanoes. These numbers also describe a uniquely harmonious modern nation with an astonishing variety of culture and beauty.

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