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Our vision of sustainable travel
is at the heart of our business


Khiri Travel is passionate about delivering excellent travel experiences to the clients of our agents. As such, booking requests are handled directly by each of our country offices— Myanmar, Thailand, Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam), Sri Lanka and Indonesia—and may be supported by our USA sales office.

Group Allotments

On requests, Khiri Travel will block allotments for groups, with the following conditions:

  • Khiri requires periodical updates on booking progress
  • 10 weeks before arrival date a full name- and rooming list is required, with updates thereafter 22 days and 8 days before arrival
  • A 25% deposit is required 8 weeks before arrival, based on the name- and rooming list provided


  • Payment is due on the date specified as “due date” on our invoice.
  • Due date will not be earlier than 15 days before arrival of clients, except in case of deposits mentioned below, or for groups.
  • Invoice amount is net; all bank fees are the responsibility of the client.
  • Khiri Travel reserves the right to cancel any arrangements without notification if payments have not been received by the due date.


Deposits may be needed to secure certain reservations, such as for flights, transfers, accommodations of group allotments. Deposits, if any, will be communicated in advance, and typically invoiced separately.

Cancellation Policy

We realize that the majority of those who cancel their reservations do so out of necessity. Our lenient cancellation policy takes this into account.

In case of cancellation, fees will be charged as follows:

FIT Bookings

  • 22+ days before arrival date – no cancellation fee
  • 21 to 8 days before arrival date – 25% of tour price
  • 7 days or less before arrival date and no-show – 50% of tour price

Group Bookings

  • Up to 8 weeks before arrival date – no cancellation fee
  • 56 to 22 days before arrival date – 10% of tour price for either individual or full group cancellation according to name- and rooming list provided
  • 21 to 8 days before arrival date – 25% of tour price or either individual or full group cancellation according to latest name- and rooming list provided
  • 7 days or less before arrival date and no-show of individual members in the group – 40% of tour price
  • 7 days or less before arrival date and no-show of the entire group – 75% of tour price

Please note that the above charges are excluding any non-refundable deposits. Khiri Travel endeavors to disclose such non-refundable deposits upon confirmation, but cannot be held responsible for such fees charged by third parties not disclosed in case of cancellation less than 21 days before arrival.

Khiri Travel reserves the right to give no refund in case of cancellation of the remaining program, in full or part, by the travelers after they started the tour.

Customer Communication & Protection Policy

At Khiri, we put our clients and guests at the core of our business. Khiri aims not only to provide outstanding service but also to educate, so that clients are able to make more informed decisions when travelling. We understand that the journey for our clients begins before they arrive at our destinations and ends after they return home. Khiri understands that sustainability should be at the core of this journey and commits to:

  • Ensuring that customer privacy is not compromised.
  • Providing responsible marketing messages and product and destination information that is factual and does not promise more than is delivered, including sustainability claims.
  • Informing clients how they can offset their carbon footprint caused by international flights.
  • Ensuring that sustainable transport, accommodation and activities are presented clearly as the more responsible option.
  • Communicating our sustainability commitments and participation in the Travelife certification scheme.
  • Giving factual information on destinations, including sustainability information, and how they can make a positive contribution in our destinations.
  • Ensuring clients are given clear information on areas of concern in our destinations, including child protection issues.
  • Encouraging clients to purchase locally made goods and use local services, whilst ensuring they are kept informed of illegal souvenirs, especially with regards to historic artifacts and threatened flora or
  • Measuring client satisfaction, including with regards to sustainability aspects, and making improvements where possible.
  • Handling complaints in line with established procedures and guidelines.

Travelers' Responsibility

Travelers are responsible for having proper travel documents, such as a valid passport with enough pages, the proper visas, proof of required vaccinations and the necessary passport pictures. Khiri Travel strongly advises travelers to have proper and adequate travel insurance for the duration of their trip.

Force Majeure

Khiri Travel defines Force Majeure as: “Any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of a party which prevent or impede the due performance of our services, including but not limited to war or hostilities; riot or civil commotion; epidemic; earthquake, flood or other natural disasters.”

The traveler and his agent warrant that Khiri Travel and its subsidiaries shall not be responsible and/or liable for costs or missed opportunities due to changes and/or cancellations in the program, or part(s) thereof due to Force Majeure.


Khiri Travel shall do its utmost to provide services to the best of its ability and work towards full satisfaction of the client. Khiri Travel acts solely as an intermediary between the traveler, his travel agent or tour operator, and local airlines, hotels, restaurants, boat companies and ground transportation companies. Khiri Travel is therefore not responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by the traveler, including those occurring outside the tour programs.

We shall in no event be liable to the traveler or his travel agent, by reason of breach of services or unsatisfactory services provided to the traveler by third parties or by way of indemnity or in tort or otherwise, for any loss, injury, damage, delay, change in schedule or other adverse events which are beyond the control of Khiri Travel and/or sustained by an act or default of any person or company providing the services to the traveler.


Khiri Travel reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time without any prior notice. Kindly be advised to check at our website for the latest Terms and Conditions.

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