Brilliant ivory sand beaches, turquoise waters and delightful tropical coves fringed with swaying palms
Bangkok, where the familiar and exotic collide in a colorful explosion of sights sounds and smells
Ancient kingdoms and archaeological gems that hold the key to Thailand’s rich cultural heritage
Discover the genesis of iconic structures like the Temple of Dawn and the Golden Mount


Cycling to visit the beautiful temple.
Khiri expertly guides you through this still seldom visited and exotic land, with signature...
Cycling to visit the beautiful temple.
Khiri expertly guides you through this still seldom visited and exotic land, with signature...
Cycling to visit the beautiful temple.
Khiri expertly guides you through this still seldom visited and exotic land, with signature...


Philip Wigglesworth

Philip Wigglesworth

General Manager

Khiri Travel welcomes you to Thailand!

As Southeast Asia’s most popular travel destination, perhaps Thailand doesn’t need a big introduction. Its famed capital Bangkok, idyllic islands and beach destinations – like Krabi, Koh Samui, and Phuket – are practically household names and provide thousands of visitors each year with happy, unforgettable memories of their stay in this wonderfully exotic and culturally diverse country at the heart of Southeast Asia. And yet despite its popularity, there remain many unspoiled regions and less traveled destinations with a wealth of spectacular attractions and friendly people – shaped by time and still with a story to tell. Whether it’s the glittering spires of the Grand Palace, the peace of rural Isaan, the remote islands of the Andaman, the markets and temples of Chantaburi, or the unexplored coastline of Trat, Khiri Travel Thailand offers you a truly unforgettable and inspirational experience that will put your holiday in a whole new perspective.

Our predominantly local team hails from all corners of the Kingdom, bringing a diverse range of ideas and viewpoints to the table of Khiri Travel Thailand’s business direction and operations. We create new, organic routes, combining the popular and must-see destinations with hidden gems, the curious and the unknown. We venture off the beaten track, cross borders to link cultures and bring our clients to meet people in their homes, villages and communities, where they can become a part of another world. No matter the requirements, we are as comfortable arranging for low-budget as we are for the exclusive and high-end. From campfire simplicity to the ultimate in private luxury pampering, the possibilities with us are endlessly imaginative.

What Khiri has done in Thailand

Khiri Travel Thailand is dedicated to working closely with communities in all regions, both in the Kingdom’s popular destinations, as well as in the remotest of villages. We have offices in the greater Bangkok area, Chiang Mai and Phuket, which work closely with local communities, but at the same time, we have been actively involved in the government’s strategy of ‘Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration’, and have therefore also explored ways in which even smaller, remoter communities can benefit from tourism.

We also focus on partnering with locally owned, environmentally conscious businesses that provide jobs to people in local communities.

In Bangkok, for example, we are supporting a local artist community, which provides space for artists of all ages and their work. We have also introduced Surat Thani’s Lee Led mangrove community in southern Thailand to a number of our clients. The region is dubbed ‘Thailand’s Amazon’ and the natural setting is inhabited with people who still possess an ancient indigenous wisdom. Not to be forgotten is the small cooking school we discovered in Koh Yao Noi. Here, on this small, picturesque island, we helped a local lady set up her business by promoting her teaching and cooking skills, leading to her school becoming one of the most popular products in our southern Thailand tour listings.

Thailand Office

226/9 Tiwanon Soi 24 Tiwanon Rd. Bangkasor, Nonthaburi (Greater Bangkok) 11000 Thailand

T +66 2968 6828
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Emergencies +66 89 810 0455 (after hours only)

Branch Offices
Chiang Mai, Phuket

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