Khao Sok, Southern Thailand

Khao Sok, Southern Thailand

Selected Signature Experiences

Marc Ruffett Commercial Director Khiri Travel Thailand DMC

Marc Ruffet – Commercial Director

Before working for a Thailand DMC, Marc, born in Switzerland, got his first Asian exposure just after high school, on a trip to Myanmar in 2003 with his parents, experienced travelers who had been there already a few times before. Not surprisingly he fell in love with Asia on the spot, it was an enormous eye-opener into this part of the world.

On his return to Switzerland he made the decision to spend part of his life in Asia, but first went to University to enroll in Environmental Studies. During the holidays he traveled as a backpacker with friends to Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Continuing this Asia bound pattern Marc applied for a scholarship in Japan and after graduating in Kyoto he traveled to China for several weeks.

Back in Switzerland he continued his studies in East Asian Economics and graduated with a master degree. Part of the requirements included an internship in Asia, so off Marc went to Bangkok. There he started working for the United Nations Environment Program and after his internship had finished he got a job as an environment consultant during 2007 to 2010.

Following his UN job he started his first assignment in tourism for a renowned Swiss/French DMC; reopening their office in Luang Prabang, Laos. In 2012 Marc relocated to Thailand, running Khiri Travel’s Phuket branch office and 7 months later moved to the head office in Nonthaburi where he has been active ever since. In 2014 he became Khiri’s Commercial Director for Thailand.

Marc fits well in the Khiri culture as he’s passionate about traveling, likes being ‘in the middle of East and West’ and bringing them together through innovative programs. He got a lot of experience from working in various departments over the years and is excellent in prioritizing and being organized. Despite the overall impression that the travel industry is suffering badly due to the Internet, Marc sees it much more positive.

Of course he also feels that the Internet is nowadays offering way too much information so it has become even more difficult to plan your own holidays, especially in famous destinations like Thailand. It is not as easy as to find the right hotel, product or experience for the right person. Therefore we as specialists living in the country can help the traveler to overcome this challenge. Consequently Khiri has been successfully offering interesting new experiences to their agents.

Khiri Travel Thailand - Meet the team - Thailand DMC

A Thailand DMC: Meet the Team

In handpicking staff for our 40+ member Thailand DMC team, Khiri Travel favours individuals with incredible passion for the Kingdom and enthusiasm by the bucketful. Our Thailand staff is comprised of many valuable long-term team members, such as the head of our IATA team, Khun Mam (Warunee), who has been with Khiri for twelve years and the head of our reservation team, Khun Nuch (Mayuree) , who has been a member or our team for eleven years and has a deep understanding of the needs of travelers. Our tailor-made sales staff Khun Nham (Tanthika) has been with Khiri for ten years as well. At times she accompanies agents during inspection trips and finds these too very rewarding as it gives her more opportunity to interact with our clients and get more understanding about their requirements.

Our leaders with ample experience are supported by a young team of enthusiastic colleagues with genuine passion for travel. Khiri consistently implements travel and training programs for our Thailand DMC staff to make sure everyone builds upon their skills and destination knowledge so that our team members can continue delivering tours that exceed customer expectations.

All our staff members possess a deep understanding of Thai culture and are adventurers themselves. Koen, our man on the spot for Quality Control, has worked for Khiri for over 10 years and exemplifies the Khiri spirit: Koen arrived in Thailand 30 years ago, after traveling overland from the Netherlands through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan!

We love what we do the most when we innovate, developing new tour routes that become runaway successes. We especially love our work when it benefits local communities.


My guide, Mr. Ving, was outstanding, knowledgable, influenced and well-spoken. Our trip with Khiri Travel was a great experience and pleasure. We will be back.

- Gesine Eichberg | Germany

About Thailand

Thailand is a country of startling contrast. From the gentleness of the wai, the traditional Thai greeting of placing one’s palms together in a gesture of prayer, to the national sport of boxing—the take-no-prisoners Muay Thai—spending even one day in Thailand is the equivalent of 500 dopamine hits to the brain. Thai food alone is enough to get you amped; with ingredients like hot green chili, garlic, lemongrass, and tamarind, neither you nor your taste buds will ever be bored.

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