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    Hop on Khiri’s stylish tuk-tuk in Luang Prabang.

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    We take you through the back streets and alleyways of this city’s unexplored neighborhoods.

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    Visit Bagan’s last royal temple & recreate the imperial tastes of its famous king.

Founder & CEO - Willem Niemeijer

Khiri Travel: A Passion for Discovery


The early 1990s was an important time for tourism in the Mekong Region.

Despite infrastructure challenges (very few hotels, bad roads, no regional airline network to speak of, and countries enforcing a lot of visa restrictions) the Mekong River countries were starting to open up to travelers.

I couldn’t have been more excited! Who at that time had set foot in Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam? Khiri Travel was conceived against such a backdrop in 1993. More than 20 years have passed and we’re still only scratching the surface of the travel opportunities that the region has to offer.

It’s been a journey for Khiri Travel too. From a tiny office with a ceiling fan and a fax service down the street, to 16 offices in eight countries, our passion for travel is as strong as ever. I am thankful to friends and long-time partners without whom Khiri Travel wouldn’t be where it is now. As I look around today, we have a great team of specialists in each country. Each one has a unique passion for delivering authentic travel experiences.

Our mission now is to grow Khiri Travel to be the leading brand in quality tourism in Asia — and the champion of the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Sustainability is at the basis of all that we do. In December 2013 Khiri Travel received certification by Sustainable Travel International (STI).

Staff members are empowered. Throughout our offices they energetically support Khiri Reach, our charity for people and planet projects in Southeast Asia. We have started to plant trees to make our business travel carbon neutral. We have a long way to go. But we will keep working hard at being a social and environmentally sustainable business.

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At Khiri Travel we want to share our passion with visitors.  So please join us for the journey ahead.

Willem Niemeijer

Founder & CEO

Khiri Travel Offices Throughout Asia

Passionate. Responsible. Enthralling.

Khiri Travel is a regional leader in the sustainable hospitality and travel business. Founded in Bangkok in 1993 Khiri has offices and operational staff in key locations throughout Southeast Asia. Khiri Travel, a B2B travel company, specializes in offering inbound tours to international tour operators. Khiri’s mission is….

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My guide, Mr. Meas Vin, was excellent. He was very helpful with some medical issue with my wife and very knowledgable on the Khmer history and Cambodia. We highly recommend this guide.

- Johan Miermans

About Khiri

Soon after Khiri was founded in 1993 in a shared garage-turned-office equipped with a ceiling fan, a type writer and a fax service down the street, we convinced our first agents to let us handle their multi-country programs. We moved our office to the comfort (but not space) of a hotel room in the historical parts of Bangkok. The following years were in the light of researching, designing and operating groundbreaking tours in the region. Read on these early days in this blog.