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Khiri Travel Sustainability Commitment 2023

We are thrilled to share our Sustainability Policy with you. This policy underscores our unwavering dedication to sustainability and reaffirms that sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Khiri Travel.

Our Sustainability Policy includes:

This policy is intended to demonstrate that responsible travel practices and long-term thinking are guiding principles for our product development, operations, and external partner relationships. It is a work in progress for everyone in our company, both in our office and in the field.

This policy outlines the organization’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility within its supply chain operations, including service providers of transport, accommodation, activities/excursions, as well as tour guides and tour leaders.

This policy is a guiding light for our dedication to sustainability and responsible travel on sensitive activities/excursions related to wildlife, cultural heritage, and natural heritage.

Animal attractions and experiences are common in holiday destinations and are very popular with holidaymakers in Asia. As a Destination Management Company, we consider these issues and develop less intrusive ways to enjoy wildlife in Asia.

Khiri Travel is fully committed to promoting children’s rights, notably their right to be protected from harm, abuse, and exploitation and to be involved in any decisions that directly affect them.

Khiri aims not only to provide outstanding service but also to educate so that clients can make more informed decisions when traveling.

Khiri Travel does not regard co-workers and management as expendable “human resources” but rather as invaluable team members. It is our staff that continues to lead the company.


We invite you to explore our comprehensive Sustainability Policy on our website: https://khiri.com/sustainability/

We remain committed to continuous improvement and actively participating in actions that align with our belief in tourism as a force for good.

Thank you for your continued support on our sustainability journey! Please stay tuned for our ongoing development towards Sustainable Tourism and the launch of our new Sustainability Website!

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability, please contact us at sustainability@khiri.com