Near the well-known Indonesian island of Bali are several other lesser-known islands, one of them being Lombok.

Mount_Rinjani and Segara_Anak_volcanic_lake_and_Barujari_volcano

Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Near the well-known Indonesian island of Bali are several other lesser-known islands, one of them being Lombok.

There, situated on the northern flanks of Gunung (mount) Rinjani, at an altitude of 400 meters, you’ll find the village & surrounding hamlets known as Senaru. This area has been mainly known as the starting point for ascending the mighty Rinjani volcano on a multiple-day trek.

Apart from agriculture, many people living in this area earn a living as trekking guides. Also, porters for the many adventurers climbing this challenging mountain every year. In the old days, women would care for the children and animals while their husbands were out on the mountain. Thanks to Khiri Travel for supporting a responsible tourism project aiming to reduce inequality of gender. Moreover, educating women to be local trekking guides that have now changed and carry on the future generations.

About a decade ago, they started a project to develop standard community tourism to empower the women of this Lombok district. As a result, a cooperation of local female guides now runs a tour called the Senaru Panorama Walk. To this day, this project serves as a great example of responsible tourism in Indonesia.
Meanwhile, all benefits of this CBT have flowed back to the local community members. Above all, this project empowers women to have a sustainable future and gender equality. Since they often do not get the same opportunities for jobs and education as men.

On the other hand, those Lombok travelers do not want to do strenuous trekking up the volcano. Senaru itself is also a worthy destination and just an easy half-day walk. The terraced rice fields, fruit plantations, sea views towards the famous Gili Islands, and spectacular waterfall make the Senaru a wonderful place to enjoy the cool mountainous air.

Morning sunrise on rice field

Getting up early in the morning is a worthy thing to do in Senaru. Heading toward the rice field before sunrise to find a designated viewpoint is very simple; you could sit on the sidewall along the road or climb up to a higher perspective for more epic shots of the fields.

The warm sunlight starts to rise from the tip of the rice fields, making it one of the most remarkable moments of Senaru. A variety of different colored crops create a contrasting patchwork quilt, covering the entire valley. Unwind in the beautiful green landscape with clear air to breathe. It’s a perfect way to start your day fresh with a short walk as a form of exercise and get ready for adventure.

Sindang Gila Waterfall & Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Sindang Gila Waterfall and Tiu Kelep Waterfall, are two of the most magnificent waterfalls in Lombok. Located right at the heart of Mt. Rinjani is surrounded by Lombok’s abundant rainforests, with the glorious sight of the waterfall and feeling the refreshing water. These are two waterfalls you do not want to miss during your time of visit.

“Tiu Kelep” is from the Sasak language. “Tiu” means pool, and “Kelep” means flying. On the other hand, Sendang Gile’s name refers to a legend that tells the story of a prince who ran into the forest and hid behind a waterfall after being chased by the lion, hence the name Sendang Gile.


Sendang Gile Waterfall is the first stop. However, for those who don’t desire a long trip, this is the one for you. It’s only going to take you about 15-minutes on foot, entrance near the border of Gunung Rinjani National Park. Therefore, there is no chance that you would miss it. You walk along old pathways through bamboo groves, village gardens, and an open landscape of rice terraces and palm trees to reach the lush rainforest.

Meanwhile, if you are not afraid of getting cold and wet, you can enjoy swimming in the rock pond and get right beneath the waterfalls for spectacular views and experiences.

From here, head back toward the track and continue your adventure to Tiu Kelep waterfall. It would take approximately around a 30-minute walk through the forest. The whole back wall of the forest is taken over by the falls, and there are other even more powerful falls of its own that pour straight over the top.

The waterfall above rocks and into a crystal clear pond below; you might even see the rainbow gleaming through the water. The local Indonesian people believe that a refreshing bath behind these thundering falls can cure any disease.

During the walk, the guide will explain the practical use of tropical plants. Passing through the colorful villages of the Sasak tribal people. There is always something exciting happening as your travelers meet the local people and admire their traditional homes. Up in the moving tree branches, there are cheeky, long-tailed monkeys with a chance to spot the rare ebony leaf monkey.

Senaru Village

Senaru local market, Lombok, Indonesia

A visit to the Senaru Traditional Village, situated next to the Rinjani Trek Centre where the Rinjani trail begins. It is greatly enhanced by asking a local guide to show you around. The Sasak inhabitants are the cultural guardians of Mount Rinjani and its surrounding forest and safeguard its spiritual values. Locally guided visits included opportunities to experience the villagers’ daily life, visit their thatched houses, prepare meals using local produce, natural resources and understand their traditional way of life.

Get ready for a memorable sustainable tourism experience in Lombok, Indonesia. The Senaru walking tour offers a generous dose of natural and cultural diversity from the waterfall, national park, walking tour, natural resources, rice field in Senaru, and Senaru local people. Meanwhile, the walking tour may reveal a stunning vista of Bali’s famous Gunung Agung volcano. Rising high above the blue waters of the Lombok Strait. While, each track turn also offers viewpoints until finally, the top of Rinjani. The sacred mountain of the Sasak people emerges above the rice terraces and rainforest.

For more information on responsible travel regarding trekking in Lombok at Mt. Rinjani, the Senaru walking tour, and the Sasak people, please contact or visit Khiri Indonesia

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