Exploring Hoi An and its surrounding areas, it is time to relax and put your feet in the sand by the beach.

Finding a charming, peaceful, and artistic fusion of indigenous and foreign cultures, Hoi An has it all. A town once known as Southeast Asia’s trading port during the 15th to 19th centuries is celebrated today as a well-preserved UNESCO Heritage site. Old streets bordered with ancient houses, assembly halls, pagodas and temples, ancient wells, impressive handicrafts, and fine arts products are closely synonymous with the development of this ancient town. As time passes, Hoi An has clearly established itself as one of central Vietnam’s most alluring destinations. This town paints a beautiful balance between the busyness of its Ancient Town, the quietness of its local countryside villages, and the playfulness in its spirited white sand beaches.

Featured in the CNN’s top 50 beaches in the world, An Bang Beach in Hoi An has drawn a lot of attention. Some would describe it as a poetic view of tranquility as it chants with its cool blue waters, wanders with its long white sand stretches, and whispers with its light waves rolling back into the shore. This unspoiled beach is an ideal spot for travelers to stay in tune with nature as they escape from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds from the Ancient Town. An Bang Beach is the perfect place to completely relax and indulge oneself. In the early mornings, the Beach is a hive for local activities as fishermen in their colorful and unique basket fishing boats bring in their fresh catches while dawn breaks over the island. Many locals swim to exercise before heading off to their daily work. In the evenings, the tempo rebuilds as many return for a refreshing swim on the beach or to enjoy the fresh seafood and drinks that the vibrant beachfront local restaurants have to offer.

After spending a day or two exploring Hoi An and its surrounding areas, it is time to relax and put your feet in the sand. This 3 hour escape starts on a late afternoon, with a 15 minute ride from Hoi An Ancient Town. It transports the guests to an imaginative scene as they make their way to An Bang Village. Throughout the short ride, it will be easily observed how the outside view passes by from the town onto the rice fields, quieter roads, and less urban stretches. As the guests embark on An Bang Village, they are greeted by yellow and blue vibrant decorations that lead them to distinct alleyways onto the beachfront area. A private chef lighting the BBQ grill awaits the guests as they walk through tiki torches onto their prepared beach side tables. A wine bottle is offered and popped open to enjoy while embracing the natural sounds and views of the ocean. Who can resist the call of the ocean, a plunge into the waters is almost necessary? The aroma of fresh seafood on the grill, scallops, red snapper, giant shrimps, basket clams, seasoned vegetables, and the like lures back into setting. One by one, the table is filled with sumptuous dishes. One to highlight is the smoky and freshly grilled scallops, seasoned with a mix of green onions and crispy shallots, a delightful local favorite that creates an abundance of flavors. It is nearly impossible not to request a second serving. The backdrop colors are quick to change, the sky turns golden and brilliant lights follow with a beautiful and slow sunset. All beachgoers are compelled to pause, not to miss capturing the moment. Fresh seasonal fruits were served as the dinner came to a close. 

As the guests have seen the unique and diverse characteristics of Hoi An Ancient Town to An Bang Villages, this escape not only brings them to taste the delicious seafood and to enjoy the beautiful beach, it comes with the whole experience of immersion that leaves them a fascinating insight into the City’s past and present. It connects to an unforgettable memory, ones to tell or even to keep, reach out to us at sales.vietnam@khiri.com

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