Serendipity where diversity is in abundance. Where ancient history and cultural heritage meets Natural beauty.
Where wildlife roams freely in their natural habitat.
Where the Sun rises over the misty mountains and lush green Tea fields.
Where the people toil hard to face life's challenges with a smile on their faces.


Cycling to visit the beautiful temple.
Khiri expertly guides you through this still seldom visited and exotic land, with signature...
Cycling to visit the beautiful temple.
Khiri expertly guides you through this still seldom visited and exotic land, with signature...
Cycling to visit the beautiful temple.
Khiri expertly guides you through this still seldom visited and exotic land, with signature...


Mahiru Fernando
General Manager

Welcome to Sri Lanka!

At Khiri Travel Sri Lanka we believe that traveling is different from touring and it’s not just about ticking the boxes of places you want to visit. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise will guide you to dig deeper and unveil the hidden gems this amazing island has to offer. We strongly believe in people over places and memories over selfies. From meeting a famous photographer in Colombo to exploring the Cultural Triangle with an archaeologist; from a meal at a classy restaurant in Colombo with an interesting personality to a traditional meal with a local family in Kandy; from exploring the back roads of busy Colombo on a tuk-tuk to peddling around the less-traveled streets of Jaffna in the far North, we take pride in creating experiences and moments for travelers to cherish with diverse interests.

Our Sri Lankan team consists of a happy bunch of travel addicts who would always try to find an excuse to venture out of the city for the weekend, meaning that we have the inspiration and the edge when it comes to providing first-hand knowledge and the best recommendations to our clients. Based on the three pillars – product, service and delivery – we will not settle for less than excellent. The strong relationship we have with our business partners and the positive feedback and messages of appreciation that we receive from our guests, is what gives us that spark to go the extra mile and provide our guests with unforgettable experiences that they can take home and cherish! After all, we are our country’s ambassadors and it’s therefore our duty to deliver with an unfaltering smile and unwavering determination!

Fully Vaccinated Travelers are welcome to Sri Lanka

Vaccinations in country

As of 12th December 2021, around 63% of the total population have been fully vaccinated and 73% of the population have received atleast the first dose. The third booster shot is also currently being offered and around 6% of the population have received it. Almost all the guides and hotel staff are fully vaccinated.

Current situation entering the country

Sri Lanka has already opened its borders for tourists since January 2021 and has welcomed more than 100,000 tourists since then.
All tourists except children below 12 years are required to have a negative PCR Test result within 72 hours prior to boarding the flight to Sri Lanka. No minimum number of days is required for a stay and no fully restrictive quarantine required (even for unvaccinated tourists).

All visitors to apply for visa online through

Fully Vaccinated travelers can stay at any type of accommodation and No on-arrival PCR test required. Unvaccinated children aged 12-18 years travelling with fully vaccinated parents will be required to undergo an On-arrival PCR test at an approved laboratory or a Level 1 Safe and Secure Certified hotel. Unvaccinated Children below 12 years travelling with fully vaccinated parents will not be required to undergo an on-arrival PCR test.

Unvaccinated travelers are required to undergo on arrival PCR tests and travel within a bio bubble for 14 Nights/15 Days while undergoing further PCR tests depending on the duration of their tour. Since the protocols are much tighter, we do not encourage unvaccinated travellers until the protocols are relaxed.

Most of the travel restrictions and partial lockdown measures for the locals have been lifted off and life is almost back to normal.

All tourists must abide to social distancing measures and wearing masks in public is mandatory.


Further details can be seen and downloaded from:

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Sri Lanka Office

No. 85/35, Polhengoda Lane,
Colombo 05, Sri Lanka

T +94 770 619 835
Emergencies +9477 061 9835
(after hours only)