Train travel provides an ideal way to experience the local culture and observe the amazing nature. ‘Stasiun Jakarta Kota’ to Yogyakarta.

Modern Train in Indonesia

Overland transport Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands one would think Indonesia’s vast archipelago would mainly be traveled by air or by sea. And while both Indonesia’s ferries and aviation have seen much-improved safety over the last years; there is another mode of transport that is very popular amongst our travelers – the train. Besides being very low in carbon footprint, train travel provides an ideal way to experience the local culture and observe the nature of this varied country.

Unfortunately, not all tracks that were available in the past are still in operation. However, renovations and new routes are on the way. In Java, getting from A to B or rather West to East or v.v is very comfortable by train with ever-improving facilities. Gone are the days of wooden benches, these days train travel comes with first-class comfort.

Reveal local culture and natural

Travelers often start their Indonesia journey in the capital Jakarta, from the iconic colonial ‘Stasiun Jakarta Kota’ (Jakarta city station). From where there are several train routes to take to your next destination. We recommend taking a train early in the morning so you can witness authentic Indonesian daily life pass by while seated in your wagon. The train often travels slow enough to soak in the beautiful surroundings. During your journey, you’ll pass endless rice fields, small villages, valleys, and bridges.

Try some of the local delicacies that traders will offer you at each stop or along the way. Don’t be afraid to bargain a little on your purchases, it’s all part of the game! Many locals will want to strike up a conversation or take a photo. As anywhere in Indonesia, the locals are curious and keen to learn about your culture too. Learning a couple of key phrases such as Selamat pagi/siang/soree (good -morning, -afternoon, -evening) or ‘Apa Kabar?’ (how are you?) go a very long way.

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From Jakarta, your next destination may be Semarang on the north coast of Java, with its well-maintained historic inner-city and a gateway to the islands of Karimun Jawa, just off the coast. Or continue into the highlands of Dieng Plateau in Central Java where the cool air and plantations provide a great environment for hiking. Alternatively choose a direct train to the sultanate of Yogyakarta, a very important region in the history of this young republic.

To this day Yogyakarta holds a special status among all other provinces and is still governed by the Sultan and his family. Khiri Travel offer several insider experiences in and around Yogyakarta. Includes a visit to the sultan’s palace and our evening walking foodie tour. Of course, a visit to nearby Borobudur; the world’s largest Buddhist temple should not be missed either.

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel across West Java between Jakarta and Semarang or Yogyakarta. Or are you starting your journey in Yogyakarta? No problem East-Java also has a network of trains all the way to Banyuwangi, Java’s most easterly city. En route in Eastern Java Khiri Travel recommends stops in Malang for a visit to Bromo with our Signature Experience in the Bromo Caldera

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