Immerse yourself in the unique “Woman in Bali: Culture, Society, and Daily Life” program in Gianyar, Bali, by Khiri Indonesia.

Join the unique “Woman in Bali: Culture, Society, and Daily Life” program in Gianyar, Bali, offered by Khiri Indonesia. Authentic experiences are on the rise, and Khiri Indonesia encourages you to embark on this immersive 4-hour journey to learn everything about Ibu Sari’s story, a dedicated woman helping others. Engage with the local society and gain insight into Balinese women’s daily routines and roles, witnessing how the society maintains a balance between men and women.

Women are pivotal in preserving the rich Balinese culture while juggling multiple responsibilities, including work, motherhood, and active involvement in religious, cultural, and social activities. However, for divorced women, these challenges amplify. Returning to their birthplace, they often face stigmatization, are perceived as potential threats by other women, and are unfairly judged by men as promiscuous.

Ibu Sari, a local hero, propelled by an unwavering commitment to embolden Balinese women and dismantle the divorce taboo, faced societal exclusion and the arduous task of rebuilding her life after divorce while being denied access to her daughter. Undeterred, Ibu Sari turned her sorrow into something positive by enrolling in a program to become a lecturer.

During her educational pursuit, Ibu Sari discovered a multitude of women facing the same challenge—the lack of discourse around this topic and absence of tools to create emotional and financial stability. This revelation crystallized into Ibu Sari’s fervent mission to help other women. After graduation, she established a sanctuary—the women’s center—a nurturing haven offering indispensable resources and fostering emotional and financial equilibrium among local Balinese women, particularly those affected by divorce.

Within this haven, diverse programs are offered, such as computer and English classes for children and women, meditation sessions, stress management workshops, and culinary and sewing courses. Donated garments find new life as reusable shopping bags, children’s clothes, and aprons, embodying a sustainable transformation. Notably, one of the most important programs aims to help women reintegrate into society. The culinary sessions emphasize healthy, low-oil, low-sugar cooking techniques and eliminate MSG. All sessions equip participants with valuable skills and knowledge, enabling them to lead more empowered lives within their community.

The cooking classes led to a catering business. After launching a Facebook page sharing images of the prepared dishes during the culinary classes, orders began streaming in steadily. The orders contain healthy meals free from excessive oil and MSG. The cooking is done at the center, and timely delivery is guaranteed. Embracing eco-conscious practices, the center caters to the entire affair without resorting to plastic usage—a decision that sparked widespread admiration and quickly gained traction through word of mouth.

As time evolved, the center’s vision expanded. Recognizing the universal need for support beyond divorced women, Ibu Sari broadened the scope, now catering to entire families, children, teenagers, young adults, and men—nurturing holistic growth for all.

The center has undergone a significant shift in perception—it is no longer viewed solely as a space dealing with issues; instead, it has evolved into a hub where individuals gather to acquire knowledge and learn.

Thus, wait no longer and embark on this enriching journey, relishing an immersive exploration of the women’s center’s history, engaging with Ibu Sari, partaking in the offered workshops, savoring a delectable and nutritious Balinese lunch, visiting the center dedicated to children with special needs, and wandering amidst the tranquility of the center’s serene garden. For more information, reach out to Khiri Travel Indonesia at

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