HALONG3, Vietnam

HALONG3, Vietnam



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View From Above Cat Cat Village, Vietnam

Panoramic view of Cat Cat Village, near Sa Pa, Vietnam. Shot from the Coffee View & Bar.

View From Above Cat Cat Village, Vietnam

Selected Signature Experiences

Welcome to Vietnam!

When I first came to Vietnam about ten years ago I realized that it would be impossible for me to leave anytime soon. Like many fellow travelers I felt so captivated by the country and her people that I decided to stay – indefinitely.

What was it all about back then? What is Vietnam for me now?

Oleg-1It is a country of the omnipresent youth, charged with optimism, eager to learn and ready to work hard – yearning for success in life.

Vietnam is a country of remarkable contrasts between centuries-old traditions and the glowing modernity of its cities; deeply entrenched superstitions, and the cold-blooded rationale behind affluence and destitution.

Vietnam is also all about cultural subtleties; the fusion of cuisines, smells and colors; a delightful chaos; a giddying kaleidoscope of faces, emotions, sounds and sites; but in the end, it is a land of overpowering balance and intrinsic harmony…

To sum it up in the words of a song by Vietnamese-Australian pop singer Thanh Bùi, ‘this is my kool Vietnam’. We travel to widen our horizons, to learn about new cultures, to recharge our batteries. A unique touch of Vietnam, its paths less traveled, its gems well hidden, its genuine experiences that enrich and transform are within reach as never before.

Oleg Shafranov

General Manager


Meet the team

Khiri has three offices in Vietnam — Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An —  our team working throughout the country. Our service stands out from the start with our seamless booking process — our sales people quickly respond, usually the same day, to quote and program requests. We are very flexible with our cancellation policy, and when clients are in-country our dedicated customer relations team provides a warm welcome and are available to offer assistance at any time, day or night.

Our Vietnamese staff members are well traveled throughout Vietnam, and many have traveled overseas. For example Ms. Nhi, who began with Khiri at the sales department, has meanwhile been promoted to Sales Supervisor. She is such a travel enthusiast, that she traveled all through all Vietnam!

Our Vietnam team is young and dynamic, and includes recent college graduates who have quickly become enthusiastic tourism professionals. We are passionate about Vietnamese culture (and food!) and get real satisfaction from showing our clients the many facets of Vietnam — from sea, sun, and beaches, to the country’s colorful ethnic minorities and the warm hospitality of locals.

Nha Trang - Vietnam - feedback from client

Thanks for a wonderful trip through Vietnam. Travel without the hassle says it all. Everything excellent organised which enabled us to focus on the real thing; enjoying Vietnam. Cam on.

- Jeroen | Netherlands

About Vietnam

From the jagged limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay to the vast Cu Chi tunnels built by the Viet Cong and underlying Saigon, Vietnam’s landscape is as compelling as its history. Fuelled by one of the most robust economies in the developing world, the country exemplifies tenacity, ambition, and recovery.

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