The Speakeasy culture resonates worldwide, and Saigon, known for its bustling streets and vibrant nightlife, harbors its own secret havens waiting to be explored.

Welcome to the era of the 1920s, where secrecy was the essence of nightlife. The concept of “Speakeasies” emerged during America’s prohibition era, where alcohol was illegal, yet revelers found a way to indulge clandestinely. Today, the Speakeasy culture resonates worldwide, and Saigon, known for its bustling streets and vibrant nightlife, harbors its own secret havens waiting to be explored.

In the heart of Saigon, beneath its bustling streets and neon lights, lies a hidden world waiting to be discovered. This tour, allows guests to be transported back in time to unveil Saigon’s enigmatic past. The allure of mystery and intrigue awaits, as guests delve into the hidden corners of this dynamic city.

While Saigon’s streets may still be synonymous with traditional sidewalk cafes and plastic chairs, guests can experience a different side of the city – one that is modern, cool, and utterly unexpected. Visit a handpicked selection of trendy bars, each with its own unique charm and allure. Prepare to be enchanted by the eclectic atmosphere and innovative cocktails that await you.

Learn about the stories that lie behind the bars, drinks and local legends as our knowledgeable guides regale with tales of Saigon’s rich history, sharing mysterious legends, local myths, and forgotten lore. From the eerie whispers of a haunted mansion to the clandestine dealings of underground speakeasies, each story adds depth and intrigue to the journey.As we traverse the streets of Saigon, we’ll visit three carefully curated speakeasies, each offering its own unique experience.

The first is hidden away behind a discreet wooden door on the central Mac Thi Buoi street, this venue beckons with its hidden entrance and mysterious allure. Step inside to discover a world of unparalleled cocktails and impeccable service. Allow the knowledgeable bartenders to guide you through the extensive menu as you indulge in a decadent meat or cheese platter, included in the tour.

The second stop is nestled in an old apartment block, this hidden gem exudes an air of intimacy and exclusivity. Sip on signature cocktails as you soak in the atmosphere of this secret haven tucked away in a quiet corner of the city.

Lastly venture further into the heart of District 1 to discover the ultimate hidden bar. With an extensive selection of gin based cocktails, they have over 160 bottles of different gin including over 20 of their hand-crafted infused gin. This intimate establishment offers a truly immersive experience. Let our experienced bartenders concoct the perfect gin cocktail to suit the palate as guests unwind in style.

The tour isn’t just about the drinks though; it’s about the journey. As guests venture through Saigon’s streets, our guides will share fascinating insights into the city’s past and present. Learn about the transformation of old residential buildings into trendy cafes and boutiques, each stop offers a glimpse into Saigon’s vibrant tapestry creating unforgettable memories. If beer is more guests taste, Vietnam has a number of incredible micro-breweries serving up some amazing craft beer. In Saigon let us take guests to a number of different pubs, on our Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder tour, where guests can sample the local delights and judge if Vietnam deserves to be on the “Beer Map of the World”.

Other beneath the surface or wow experiences that include a drink or culinary focus are our Saigon Evening Street Food Tour, the Hanoi Afternoon Street Food Tour, Hue Street Food Tour by Cyclo, Royal Banquet dinner in Hue, or a Private Sunset BBQ on the beach in Hoi An.  Contact our for more details. 

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