Hoi An is the perfect destination for a Summer vacation combining town, beach and countryside

Town, Beach & Countryside in Historic Hoi An

As travel to Vietnam becomes easier and the rainy season kicks into full flow in the South, central Vietnam retains its place as a summer destination that has multiple offerings for clients of all types.

The lack of regional travel from China means that numbers are manageable and the previously overcrowded streets of Hoi An have a fresh, exciting new feeling. Having been living in Hoi An for a year, I can tell you that the sleepy town is awakening once more. The once furrowed brows of local vendors are being turned upside down and the joy, the sparkle in the eye of the “Hoi Anians” is back!

The Old Town

Hoi An’s UNESCO-recognized old town has a charm that visitors never forget. Whether it’s stopping to taste the incredible array of street food on every corner, trying your hand at lantern making, exploring the hidden paths and alleyways the crisscross the old town or simply finding a quiet spot on the river to take in the view or do some people-watching, the Hoi An Old Town is a must. Now is the time to visit too. There’s certainly been an increase in visitor numbers since the borders reopened – we even started seeing groups of young Europeans backpacking again – but that doesn’t mean it’s overcrowded. In fact, there’s a new sense of happiness in town. Vendors who may have been a little pushy in the past are so happy to see visitors again, and restaurant & coffee shop owners are loving speaking to new people again and hearing their stories instead of the same people every day, me included!

The Beaches

There might be better beaches in Vietnam, but the difference in Hoi An is that there is a real “beach town” vibe when visiting An Bang Beach and the surrounding stretches of beach. If you have a little more time, why not make the day trip to the Cham Islands for some great snorkeling and experience life in a small fishing community? The water in Hoi An is generally very calm and clean, the beach is long (you could walk straight to Danang if you wanted, just 20km away) and the food and beverage options are plentiful. Throughout Covid, this area was hit hard, but the community kept it alive. Now, only weeks later, the vibrancy of the village is back and it makes me smile seeing tourists taking the traditional cycle ride from the Old Town, through the rice fields, to the beach.

The Rice Fields

If there’s one thing more synonymous with Hoi An besides the yellow walls of the Old Town, it’s cycling through the rice fields. With two harvest seasons a year, there is always a huge amount of activity and it’s right on your doorstep. From either the town or beach, it’s only a five minute ride until you are out in the open, cycling along narrow paths, through local villages, exploring the countryside surrounding Hoi An. Our guests love getting outdoors and having that sense of freedom, of meeting locals who have worked these fields for generations and stopping to rest in gorgeous local spots along the way. There’s always something new to look at every time you go out!

Come to Hoi An this summer – there really is something for everyone here. For more information please contact us on sales.vietnam@khiri.com.

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